The journey of transformation 🐛 // Shownotes for ‘I Feel For You’ podcast episode 34

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“Transformation is often hard…and these times, in these fast, quick instant times, where we’re often shown the highlight reel, the filtered edition of something, there’s not often the lens that shows us the tricky parts, the difficult bits, the excruciating crawl through the dirt…Most of us have experienced some hardships and challenges. But they have made us who we are are. The process that has brought us to this point in the story of our lives.”


In today’s episode we are talking about transformation and what a loaded word that is.

I’m going to break it down. I’ve had a bit of a tricky relationship with the word transformation. I’ve umm’d and aah’d, I’ve used it, I’ve removed it, and had some big learning moments of late and wanted to share them with you in relation to transformation and the journey that we’re all on.

I really hope this is useful and maybe insightful, maybe a bit of a mind wander, maybe a useful tool with some references.

Shall we dive in?

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