Spring resources (we made it!) 🌷

A glorious spring-mood via Nat King Cole who would have turned 100 this week!

A glorious spring-mood via Nat King Cole who would have turned 100 this week!


originally published as part of the Digest, March 2019

Hello my darlings, 

It’s the spring equinox today plus a full moon which is exciting, no? 

I was flying back from Norway last night and had the Waxing Gibbous moon by my side all the way, *sigh* ...she was magnificent. And today, as she reaches her fullness, i’m feeling woozy and clumsy. Things are shifting indeed!

I’ve been deep in the fjords. You know, the full of day travel kind of deep. Buses and boats through ice and snow. Crispy and…well, freezing! It’s been a trip! And now i’m back by the seaside, it’s balmy and humid. Winds are higher than usual and blossom dusts the streets. I can’t help but be aware of this particularly transformational time. 


Every year i’m always surprised how this time of year stirs up the need to make changes to my own inner and outer environment. It tends to start with rearranging things at home. I get very focussed on deep cleaning (a throwback from my time on the yacht and cleaning every inch with a q-tip…) Being drawn to spring foods. The subtle shift in my yoga practice. The confusion over what to wear (will i be warm enough/too warm moments are higher than usual - gah!). Do you relate?

I’m into synching with nature, there’s no greater guide. 

So with that, i thought i’d share some resources with you, in case they’re useful: 

1) Yoga for Spring video - come practice with me in this energising and playful practice! 

2) Self care + wellness for spring - a podcast and brief wellness guide featuring things that help me find balance and transition with the seasons which i hope will serve and inspire you too! We'll cover things related to stereotypes in wellness (salty warning! ✨👌🏽), Ayurveda, energy, immunity and accessible self care tools. 

I’d love to know what you do at the first sign of spring? Share your tips and resources below!

Love, dionne x

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