a useful tool for my Twitter buddies!

It’s    Mimi anniversary week    so another Mimi image sorrynotsorry 😅

It’s Mimi anniversary week so another Mimi image sorrynotsorry 😅

So guys, apparently, my Twitterversary is approaching!

Yeah, it’s a thing, apparently!

I’ve spent/ wasted almost 11 years of my life on that app (!)

It’s been a source of joy and pain, where i get all my news* (*memes) and connect with friends who aren’t on other social media platforms! It’s also where i get to be part of the Black Twitter community which i appreciate.

I’m sporadic in my Twitter usage, these days, and tbh most of my time on there, as an avid retweeter. I mean, i enjoy giving props to people and sharing the love / inspo / information with those i dig. But it’s also a place that can be very….busy!
So i take breaks.
A lot.

But you know me, i don’t feel especially committed to any social media, cause i’m of an age where i’ve seen nuff tings come and go, so i’m not really into giving all my energy to one social media platform.
Here, this blog, with you, dear reader, is home, and where i’ll always be.

And i appreciate you for being here.

But —- i wanted to share a useful tool that i’ve been using to help clear up my Twitter account! Which might be helpful if you, like me, live lots of lives and over the years have perhaps ended up following accounts that no longer “spark joy” (Gosh, that word is overused these days huh? ) for you anymore. And if you have felt obliged to follow someone out of guilt/work stuff/political relations etc.

twitter tips.jpg

…It’s hard to navigate these social potatoes, isn’t it? But, you are the company you keep, right? And i find it helpful that this app enables you to only review the “content” you’re consuming, rather than the name and thus attachment you might have to the person.

The way it works: You login to your Twitter via the app and get to systematically review every account you follow and mindfully consider if you want to keep doing so. …Which can take time if you have amassed a lot of peeps, but it’s ok, cause you can take many many breaks and come back to it! I’m not even 1/4 of the way through 😅 but it feels good to be working on it! i do a 5 minute “blitz” every other day!

Anyway, here it is!

Hope you find it useful! And feel welcome to share any of your social media cleanup tips below!

thanks for reading darlings, share with your loved ones!  🌈💜

thanks for reading darlings, share with your loved ones! 🌈💜