Me, i am Mariah 🌈🍯🐑🍬💜🦋💕👡🎤🎶✨

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Obvs i’m not, that was a title to water my fellow Mimi fans.

Because it’s our queen’s anniversary and i am a lamb 4 lyfe, i will use any excuse to celebrate the elusive chanteuse.

PS fellow Lambs, tell me your fave songs/moments/gowns below eh? i love you!

A Mimi moodboard 🙆🏽‍♀️ a… “vision of love”, if you will (sorry notsorry)

And playlist of my faves (obvs. hard to minimise) 💁🏽‍♀️✨


+some fave videos


Honey (1997)

An icon! A Legend! An aesthetic! A mood! Brown girls delight!

Caused my boob-tube collection to expand dramatically.

And Collection 2000 dark chocolate nail polish (couldn’t afford Chanel Vamp)

Plus, Ma$e was everybody’s crush, no?


Breakdown (1997)

Yee-haw but make it fashion.

Also my fave Mimi song ever (which is probably the phrase i’ve most commonly uttered)


Close My Eyes (1997) Live on the Rosie O´Donnell show

I wrote about why this song has always been special to me. It’s saved me many times 💜


Dreamlover (1993)

Summer ‘93. i was 13, things were weird and learning the dance moves to this song nourished my soul.


MTV interview (1997)

Mimi in PEAK 1997 (in case you weren’t aware, 1997 is my musical boyfriend so this is v. nostalgic for me - the clubs, the sounds, the fashun….sigh)

Anyway. this interview contains a brilliant cringe fest of a moment which our Mimi handles so gracefully. i LIVE!


Oprah (1999)

“Mariah and her mother Patricia talk with Oprah about their family history along with 4 young girls who struggled with their bi-racial backgrounds.”

This was the first time i saw this kind of conversation happening on tv. which, is wild. But considering the census still hadn’t acknowledged that mixed people exist (until 2001 and then, still mad problematic cause let’s all remember race is a construct!) it was a monumental moment. Always appreciate Mimi talking about the complexities of having multiple identities. More on that “what are you?!” here.

Just don’t read the comments to this clip in youtube…. 🙄


Also, finally, “A story about me + Mimi ”

Lots of stories about my life with Mimi!

You’re welcome. 🦋

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