"holy makadandee!"

Little Richard is how i’m trying to be! This is one of my fave clips of him “holy makadandee!” (and favourite outfits too, obviously! Dazzling peach garms forever darling 🍑✨!)

He encapsulates my feelings on joy which I’m exploring in a DEEP dive in my newest podcast episode 16: “Saying YES to Joy + Pleasure!” and why it’s good for your business. And your LIFE! 

Expect tangents galore featuring some huge learning moments I’ve had lately, real talk on resistance, plus explorations in neuroscience, healing and music 🧠✨🎵 .

You can listen to it on iTunes, soundcloud, stitcher, acast and so on! The link to the show, the transcript and the free treats is right here ! Hope you dig! 🧡

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