Owning your story

📷 by Sol Bela

📷 by Sol Bela

Stories. I’ve always been drawn to them.
Reading. Creating. Sharing.
For years i was held hostage by my own.
Shame has a way of doing that.
Learned or inherited.
Stories are the ultimate opportunity to practice compassion.
To connect with another life for a while.
I’m learning, on reflection, slow as i often am, time,
Increasingly making sense of past lives,

I’m learning that how we connect to our own story is vital for how we step forwards and create space for new ones.

I don’t mean to go all metaphorical on you.
I know how challenging it is, to accept your own story, especially if it is one that holds a lot of pain and trauma. To claim it and make some kind of peace with it. And build new ones.
I know how challenging it is to for example, get on a yoga mat and show up to be in your body.
In fact, forget even getting onto a mat,
I know how it feels to wake up to face another day at battle with your body.
I know how it feels to have decided:
“I’m going to claim and be stuck in one part of a story because this is what i know. It’s not comfortable, but the familiarity is sort of comfortable…”
Giving up on ever thinking it could be or feel another way.
I also feel lucky to have realised, eventually, and will hopefully continue to realise, that i get to decide what happens next. That it’s all fair game.
Some would disagree. And that’s ok.

Telling our stories enables an opportunity for processing. A releasing of the stories. And hopefully, some kind of growth or evolution.
But it’s not always about transformation as a goal.

Your rhythm and timbre of breath contains stories
Your voice
Your body
Your brain….

We can discover stories in the way we take up space and move through the world.
…Do we allow ourselves to claim space?

We can find evidence of stories in how we use our voice.
Do we ask for what we want and speak on the things that matter to us?

We don’t have to be held hostage by our stories.
Sometimes we might need help to explore them. The guidance of a therapist. A coach. A trusted guide. A listening ear. A mentor.
Sometimes it takes years of doing the work to explore them And/or years of doing the work of exploring .

But what i know for sure is something powerful happens when we start to make peace with our stories.
And reclaim our power to create new narratives built on that foundation.

Want support to remove blocks, move forward and own your story?
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