Episode 12: Self Care + Wellness for Spring

mariah carey spring

I’m just back from Norway running my BLOOM 🌸workshops in Bergen + Oslo which featured lots of yoga + movement + creativity + meditation + energy explorations. My fave. Shoutout to everyone who joined, thank you so much for your vibes!


I realised in planning these workshops that i could spend an age talking about wellness related stuff to do with spring, and it seems that there are lots of you who are also interested in it too - so wanted to put together an episode that’s kind of a brief wellness guide featuring things that help me find balance and transition the seasons and that i hope will serve and inspire you too!

We'll cover things related to stereotypes in wellness (salty warning! ✨👌🏾), Ayurveda, energy, immunity, accessible self care tools plus i also made you a present! Check the shownotes below!

I really hope you find it useful.

Episode produced by me, with music from Ketil Kinden Endresen (ketxl.com)

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Things i spoke about:


✨ "body mind + spirit" - a salty interlude
✨ The seasons and their impact
✨ The principles of Ayurveda
✨ How i survived winters in Norway
✨ Podcast episode 2: UK vs Norway the art of chill )
✨ Holistic wellness approaches
✨ How Ayurveda and spring are connected
✨ Find your dosha quiz! (take with lots of saltbae pinches of ...um, salt, obvs)
✨How we can sync up with the seasons - things to consider when exploring taking care of yourself in the spring
✨ Fluids and mountains
✨ Protect ya neck!
✨ A bit about my thyroid disorder
✨Writing about my issues with food + wellness
- On: the yoga + food thing (part 1)
- On: the yoga + food "thing" revisited
✨ Essential oils for spring
✨ 15 self care ideas to shift your state
✨ Make your own self care box
✨ A self care manifesto
More blog posts about self care! 
✨ Immunity boosters for your skin
✨ More spring wellness info from my BLOOM workshops (includes visionboard + playlist)
✨A playful energising yoga video for spring!

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