15 self care ideas to shift your state 🌿// Shownotes for ‘I Feel For You’ podcast episode 38

i feel for you podcast episode 38


in challenging times, it's so vital that we show up for ourselves so we can meet the world from as grounded a place as possible, and be most useful to our communities.

If you are experiencing sadness or any related feel, i hope you can be reminded that although the feeling is most certainly real, it doesn't define us, nor is it a static thing. Hence why people tend to deal with grief in different ways.

It´s ok to step back. To be more tender. To not get it all done. To do what you need to do to feel better.

One thing i would add though, is that if you feel ready, try to find a way to move - it might be a physical movement, or offering yourself space to welcome in a new energy. It doesn't mean you're not still grieving or sad, or rejecting one feeling for another. It means you're opening up and being receptive to new ones. Shifting your state to something that's hopefully more helpful.

I hope that you are able to navigate things in ways that you feel supported. For me, upping my practice of self care is really important.

So, i'm offering some suggestions of what you can do right now to take care of you!


Here are 15 Self care ideas to shift your state!


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  • Ketil’s guest post on Morning Pages.


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