15 self care ideas to shift your state

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Self care is a necessity, not an abundance🌿

In challenging times, it's so vital that we show up for ourselves so we can meet the world from as grounded a place as possible, and be most useful to our communities.

If you are experiencing sadness or any related feel, i hope you can be reminded that although the feeling is most certainly real, it doesn't define us, nor is it a static thing. Hence why people tend to deal with grief in different ways.

It´s ok to step back. To be more tender. To not get it all done. To do what you need to do to feel better.
One thing i would add though, is that if you feel ready, try to find a way to move - it might be a physical movement, or offering yourself space to welcome in a new energy. It doesn't mean you're not still grieving or sad, or rejecting one feeling for another. It means you're opening up and being receptive to new ones. Shifting your state to something that's hopefully more helpful. 

I hope that you are able to navigate things in ways that you feel supported. For me, upping my practice of self care is really important. 

So, i'm offering some suggestions of what you can do right now to take care of you! 


15 Self care ideas to shift your state


  • Book a day to yourself to simply do you. If a day isn´t possible, take some time after work to really pamper yourself.

  • Go somewhere different. Look around where you live or if you can afford, go beyond the boundaries! If you´re close to nature, find new spaces you haven´t been to yet. If you live in the city, lucky you - so much to explore. Walk and get lost! Find new sanctuaries!

  • Take a lunch break doing you. Make yourself some good food, perhaps eat picnic style somewhere green and imagine you´re in a meadow or orchard someplace (also, lucky you if you have this nearby!)

  • Have a bathroom disco. As long as you can. One song. or a full day. I like to imagine i´m at a ball in 80s new york. Fashioned my garms from an old binliner and looking fabulous with it. Do you!

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  • Always washing your hair in a rush? Never get to clip your toenails 😁? Can´t remember the last time you moisturised yo-self? Want to experiment with body brushing? Or a new makeup style? Schedule in time for personal care. Perhaps an evening where you can take your time pampering yourself. If money is tight, try picking up a travel size product or give yourself a home made treatment!

  • Take some movement or stillness practices - here´s some i made for you!

  • Try some morning pages to find focus and clarity. Writing can help stir our creativity and create more room helping us move forwards!

  • Call a friend you´ve been wanting to catch up with for ages! Book it in and commit!

  • Get some fresh herbs and make some tea- hot or iced! You can go supermarket or forage if you know your stuff, but create your own brew from what´s growing. Thanks earth!

  • Give yo-self a foot massage and exfoliation and stay moisturised and hydrated! Ashy skin, begone!

  • Go buy some foods that you don´t normally eat and try making something out of them! I´m not into wasting good food so it's a good idea to start small, learn how to cook the thing then go for it!

  • Head to your nearest library/ second hand book shop and pick something out and have a read! Or if access is an issue, head to amazon and “look inside” Getting a change of perspective can help us to shift our state.

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  • Clear out your closet! Get rid of those things that you don´t neeeeed anymore, you know, the stuff you´re holding on to but when you wear them you feel ugh, get it out! Keep only the stuff that literally pings your pants. Donate the rest to the charity shop.

  • Combine all of the above in a day or weekend home retreat!

  • If you´re looking for a real life reset, how about joining us on retreat ?

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I really hope that offers you some food for thought in shifting your state. Do you have a go-to ritual that helps you to shift your state?

You are appreciated.

Take care of you,

Love, dionne x