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Skjerjehamn Retreats (Norway)

Island retreats in the winter of 2014 in restored trading post at the gateway to the Sogne fjord


We feel grateful to have hosted a number of retreats in some of the most breathtaking of places - all of them cultural landmarks of Norway.

They include two winter retreats on the island wilderness of Skjerjehamn, three day retreats at Composers villas, a day retreat on the island of Stord in Sunnhordland Museum, plus a “city” retreat in KODE central Bergen city, utilising the picturesque spaces that are surrounded by mountains.

Skjerjehamn - The Setting

Located on a small, self contained island, this idyllic getaway is just off the west coast of Norway, in the mouth of the fjords, with direct link from Bergen city centre via express boat, bus or car.

We had access to the entire site, which includes villa, art gallery, restaurant, cinema, woodland and oh so much more. As you can imagine, it was a feast of a time where relaxation and adventure were explored through nature, art and culture.

The Intention

Connecting with yourself and others and set intentions for the new year in an experience “away from it all” through yoga and creativity, and begin the year on the best possible footing: centred, clear and inspired.

Yoga & Creativity

Creativity through yoga, meditation, vision boarding, intention setting, writing workshops, ritual, nutritious food, bonfires, yoga disco, music, yoga film screening as well as space to recollect, detox and restore.

There was a balance of dynamic and restorative yoga sessions open to all levels, beginner or experienced, and attention to focus on deepening your practice.

The Food

We took over the restaurant to provide a healthy, nutritious and hearty vegetarian and vegan menu.

The Accommodation

Participants stayed in the old Sveitservilla from 1891 (updated to modern comfort).

Thank you for joining us! 



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