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Composers Retreats (Norway)

Music and movement project at Norwegian composers homes Siljustøl, Lysøen and Troldhaugen. 


A collaboration of music,  yoga,  movement and Norwegian cultural history in three composers villas: Troldhaugen (Edvard Grieg), Siljustøl (Harald Sæverud) and Lysøen (Ole Bull). A unique and new experience of these national treasures, a meeting of music, movement and healthy food whilst getting a new perspective of these cultural landmarks in a never before experienced event.


To entwine themes of each of the composers with music and yoga in three retreat days. To celebrate these cultural gems and to use their inspiring history and environments in conjunction with yoga and movement practice and offer a unique and very special experience in an equally special environment.


Troldhaugen, Siljustøl and Lysøen on the west coast of Norway.


A merging of movement and music to create a complete holistic experience and unique environment for others to enjoy. For this series of events Ketil and Dionne will curate a special soundscape and sequence unique to each space. The music was performed live by Ketil and constructed from elements of compositions and samples of recordings from each composer to create a fitting soundtrack to each environment. The themes of each session were as follows:

HARMONISE – coming back into balance
finding your feet in your yoga practice. we explore and tune in gentle progression to find our perfect melodic equilibrium. choosing the right notes and combinations for ourselves.

ORCHESTRATE – initiating power to begin
the study of ourselves and our arrangement separately and together. to appreciate everything being connected.

IMPROVISE – the art of play
“to make or create (something) by using whatever is available.”
a creative guided playful experimentation. opening, exploring, feeling respectfully acknowledging our limitations and limitless potential.


We were pleased and proud to team up with healthy and nutritious local organisations who provided lunchtime nourishment in the form of hearty vegetarian soup and bread. Fruit, nuts, treats, tea and coffee are also available on the day.

Thank you so much for joining us for these 3 sold out events!

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