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Pay what you can community yoga class in Brighton (UK) + free fro-yo!


In June 2014 we opened the doors to our "pay what you can afford" yoga project in central Brighton. I´d not long moved back from Norway and felt a really strong need to continue to provide a space for people to have the option to come to class with no obstacle in the way. I'm used to playing with spaces and over the years i´ve offered yoga in all kinds of “strange” “non yoga” places both in the UK and Norway. The "stranger" the better tbh. The Lick Warehouse and all the people in it are defo very close to my heart and all seemed to slot into place - it was an ideal base to start something.

We had 2.5 years of weekly community classes, and it became such a wonderful thing and defo one of my favourite parts of the week. To have spent these years running Lick Yoga every week for this community has been an honour.

To everyone who came along to the events, from near and far, you've each inspired me massively simply, by showing up. For coming back. For trying it out. I´m always amazed when i open the doors to your smiling faces.

Thank you.

Thank you to everyone who has ever queued to get in. Who showed up but couldn’t quite fit in the space and so had to leave….for those who came to join and squeezed in with good vibes so we could all participate. For those who have bravely shared the space up front with me so there could be more space for others. For all of you who came along with no expectation, rather, just your goodness. You have made this what it is. I´m really struggling to type - have all the feels.

Immense gratitude to Lick for supporting this project from day one. For opening their doors and understanding and being open to what kind of project i wanted to offer. Non snooty. Welcoming. Inclusive. With humour and realness. They have supported Lick Yoga plus other “zany” ideas i’ve had over the years and i’m tremendously grateful. From letting us make a jungle in their space, being up for glitter (everywhere) for the Lick Yoga Discos and turning the whole place purple for our Prince Yoga tribute. Grateful for this space that has always felt safe and warm. Thank you for offering this incredible venue as well as donating free fro-yo every week for all the guests (that´s a lot of fro-yo!). I´m tremendously grateful for the support which has meant i can continue to make the project happen week after week (approximately 120 Lick Yoga's or so + numerous Self Care Sessions + Yoga Disco´s + Lick Socials, the Prince tribute etc.) It´s been….special.

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dionne.space Yoga with Dionne Lick Yoga Brighton UK
dionne.space Yoga with Dionne Lick Yoga Brighton UK
dionne.space Yoga with Dionne Prince tribute Brighton UK
dionne.space Yoga with Dionne Prince tribute
dionne.space Yoga with Dionne Brighton UK