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Self Care Workshops (UK + Norway)

Offerings for people to explore their own path, rituals and experiences.



Self care is really the backbone to my work. Creating offerings for people to explore their own path, rituals and experiences is really important to me.

My Self Care Workshops use movement as a base for exploration, but essentially that's a route into listening to what we really need as individuals, and hopefully creating the conditions to follow up with action.

I also tend to interweave creative activities and different meditation and breathwork styles depending on the workshop. Here´s an outline of one of the Self Care events I've done in the past.


“You need a break from the frantic, noisy, overpopulated world. And permission to write, read, rest, draw, do yoga, listen to music, sit and stare – anything that evokes the deepest, most peaceful part of you”

What to Expect:

A yoga and movement workshop, creative activity, snacks, tea, hot cacao post-class and goodie bag to take home.

A safe, intimate, nourishing and rejuvenating environment for your body and mind. Journey through a grounded, quiet, calm and restorative self care practice.

Feast on tools and techniques that encourage you to slow down and delve a little deeper into yourself.

Time out to get to know yourself again, thoughts, body, guts, home. Reacquaint, explore how to come back to yourself and discover ways to maintain self care when we return to the outside world.

A sumptuous and sensual journey discovering the best methods to nurture and support yourself. Addressing how to integrate self care into daily life. More space, stress less, refuel and replenish.




Self massage::::


Less doing, relax into being.

Slow, gentle, tender movement, mostly on the floor.

Mini break with a writing project. Paper provided or bring your own notebook.

This workshop is open to all. No previous experience required.



Keep an eye on my events for up and coming workshops.

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dionne.space Yoga with Dionne
dionne.space Yoga with Dionne self care workshops
dionne.space Yoga with Dionne Self care workshops