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Yoga @ the One Girl Band Space (UK)

Weekly community classes in the heart of the North Laine in Brighton every Tuesday.



Feel-good creative yoga, movement, music, meditation and self-care community class.

Every class is different, but for “all levels” fact, i encourage “eating” the rules around levels and remember that everybody can “do” yoga. I´m all for reminding everyone that it´s “your yoga”. You define it as opposed to me barking things to do. Instead, it´s an offering, 75 minutes where i offer sequencing queues and suggestions of alternatives if you´d rather try it a different way, but also (always) space for you to do you. You always have the space to listen to what you need and take things wherever you like in that time, and hopefully, at the end of it, you´re feeling a little more connected to yourself by practicing (what i think is a very “advanced practice”!) listening to yourself and what you need a little better.

It´s defo not about touching your toes, babes, but if that works for you then great! If you´d rather use the time to have a snooze cause you´re tired, that´s also ay ok.

Do you!


Real people. People who are open to exploring movement, stillness, new environments and experiences. Folks who are looking for an adventure and a non-snooty approach to yoga, movement wellness and self care. 




Our Tuesday location is at a project i know many will be excited about - it´s at the One Girl Band Space which is a brand new women´s co-working space set up by the excellent Lola, aka LH Design and human carer of Barney the pup. It´s located on Vine Street in the North Lane (coincidentally the same road we host our Brighton Retreats!).

Of course, there´s the attraction of it being a hub of excellent people, but also support for creative entrepreneurs via desk space opportunities and lots of exciting events going on throughout the week. Read all about it (and see more pics) here!

***Sidenote: all are welcome to attend, not only self-identifying women**


Price: £10/£8 concessions. No one is turned away so if you´re struggling, still feel welcome to attend at reduced price. More on that below.

Includes post-class tea and equipment hire, availability depending.

You´re welcome to take that away or to connect for a chat post-class.


I really really appreciate everyone who comes along to practice, so as a gesture of appreciation for your support, I´m also starting a “thanks for coming!” card, where people can collect stamps to get your 6th class free. Also, extra stamps for birthdays and shit days. Because, you know, we have to look after each other.

Q + A

I´m interested. How does it work?

Doors open 15 minutes before (6.15 pm) , and Dionne and Ketil will be there to meet you on arrival.

To make the experience more convenient for you, we receive payment and sign-ups for the Digest before the class starts. You´ll also be offered a “thanks for coming” card at your first session where you can collect stamps for each class you attend (5 stamps can be traded in for a free class!).

Feel free to ask Ketil or Dionne if you have any questions on arrival, otherwise, you´ll be shown to mats and props which you can help yourself to, and feel free to rest, chat and relax pre class.

No tickets pre-sold for this event. First come, first served.

Class is, as always, open to every body ("beginner" or not a "beginner")

What can i expect when i come?

A friendly, safe, nurturing and fun class followed by tea and a chat should you fancy after class. Each class is different, and i curate a soundtrack with the sequence and theme for each class (playlists are shared in the Digest). Any body or level or experience is welcomed and props will be available and you can choose to use them or not.

Feel welcome to ask any questions you might have pre-class! Then have fun on your adventure, followed by a festival of tea (and post class q´s/social).

But i can’t touch my toes!

Neither could i when i took my first class! Accept where you’re at and be open to possibility because every day is different! Beginners are welcome to either class and will be offered modifications which you can take or leave. Hell, even come to just have a snooze and chill out if that makes you feel good!

If you want a taste of some of the styles of yoga i offer, here´s my youtube.

Oh dear, i don’t have a mat…

That’s OK! There are all the mats and props you can borrow, first come, first served and we'll do what we can to make things cosy.

What should i wear?

Anything you can move comfortably in.  And we practice without shoes or socks.

Can i reserve a place or a mat?

We have  a fair amount of space and mats available however space and mats can be limited and not guaranteed so we operate on a first come, first served basis.

What time should i arrive for class?

Doors will open 15 minutes before class.

Please arrive at least 5 minutes before class so that you can get settled into your mat and ready to go! Please feel free to contact me to discuss anything else. Usually, the best remedy to your queries is to come and try!


Earlier, i mentioned it felt important to make this project sustainable. I felt a lot of love and responsibility to be offering the only pay what you can afford class in the city.

The Lick Warehouse space enabled us to squeeze in up to 35 at a time which has been, frankly, bonkers and delightful. The spaces now are slightly smaller, but hopefully you will enjoy them as much as i do, as well as have an opportunity to practice more regularly (and also get to explore some really cool and creative spaces that might be useful to you in other ways as well plus of course, good people).

There has clearly been a need for "pay what you can" so i´m still offering that alongside concessions and a fair “full price” ticket - just drop me a mail to request a spot for reduced price. Sure you appreciate, yoga trainings and, well, being able to live in the city to hold these events comes at a cost, but it´s really, really important to me that everybody has access to yoga so it´s important to me that no one is turned away because of limited finances.

Plus I´m still planning to continue recording the free yoga sessions via my youtube channel below, so if you´re not in the city or simply can´t make it, hopefully there´s something useful for you there, feel welcome in the community, wherever you may be.

Feel free to share this event with anyone who might find this useful so we can share the goodness!

Hope to see you real real soon!

love, dionne  x Yoga with Dionne Yoga with Dionne
The entrance!

The entrance!

yoga with dionne at the one girl band space
The Thanks For Coming Card gives you every 6th class free! 

The Thanks For Coming Card gives you every 6th class free!