dionne.space Yoga with Dionne at the One Girl Band Space

Community Yoga in Brighton (UK)

From chicken shops, a startup school, a women's co-working space, an acting school, a nightclub - we've had sessions in some interesting spaces in the city!



Feel-good creative yoga, movement, music, meditation and self-care community class.

Every class is different, but for “all levels”...in fact, i encourage “eating” the rules around levels and remember that everybody can “do” yoga. I´m all for reminding everyone that it´s “your yoga”. You define it as opposed to me barking things to do. Instead, it´s an offering, 75 minutes where i offer sequencing queues and suggestions of alternatives if you´d rather try it a different way, but also (always) space for you to do you. You always have the space to listen to what you need and take things wherever you like in that time, and hopefully, at the end of it, you´re feeling a little more connected to yourself by practicing (what i think is a very “advanced practice”!) listening to yourself and what you need a little better.

It´s defo not about touching your toes, babes, but if that works for you then great! If you´d rather use the time to have a snooze cause you´re tired, that´s also ay ok.

Do you!



Real people. People who are open to exploring movement, stillness, new environments and experiences. Folks who are looking for an adventure and a non-snooty approach to yoga, movement wellness and self care. 


dionne.space Yoga with Dionne
dionne.space Yoga with Dionne