Episode 6: Winter fatigue? 7 Self care ideas to shift your state!

oprah winter


Friends. It’s that time of year- January has been the longest!

Winter Fatigue.

Who’s done with it already? ❄️😬❄️

For many, it’s a season where the energy is low, things are lagging, and there’s the potential to feel a bit stuck, cold, and lethargic.

So this week, i thought  i’d share 7 ways that might help to shift your state when in a fug and feeling some kind of way. Along with other random explorations and embarrassing stories. Of course!

Expect some real life "learning moments" from my time living in Norway and lots of accessible ideas for you to adapt and explore on your own exquisite journey! Plus some RnB water droplets, for good measure! 💦 
And Eartha/Ethel wisdom. Always. 💅🏾

Most of all, i hope you can take something from this podcast and use  it to bring yourself back to a place where you feel more connected to yourself. A little lighter, so to speak. less fug, more feel good! 

Episode produced by me, with music from Ketil Kinden Endresen (ketxl.com)

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Things i spoke about:

I can only aspire to be this great...

I can only aspire to be this great...


✨ Are we done with winter yet or nah?
✨ Acknowledgement of S.A.D  
✨ Some seasonal symptoms to watch out for
✨ The importance of good mental health
✨ On: The uselessness of guilt  
✨ Talking to yourself nicely
✨ Avoiding the “push” and taking a step back in order to get even more done.    
✨ Choosing a word of the year to be more intentional
✨ Managing the inner critic
✨ Norway winters and what they taught me - (storytime!)
✨ Getting back to basics not just to survive but to thrive
✨ Working with what you’ve got. (especially when a holiday to the sun isn’t realistic)
✨ Body parties (bodywork), bathroom discos, your own body wisdom and how it can shift our state
✨ A writing technique to shift your state (You’ll need 2 bits of paper and pens)
✨ Baths and slightly weird stuff?🐀
✨ Bookworld and The Other book club!
✨ Herbs
✨ Screaming and sound healing
✨ Exploration of expression, the throat and energy work
✨ Ethel (my alter ego) + Eartha (Kitt!)


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