Episode 7: The importance of being vulnerable, showing up + coming out of the cave


This week we are exploring the importance of being vulnerable, showing up and coming out of the cave.

...oh, and Prince, obviously!

I'll be sharing my journey and struggles with finding a way to safely express myself and some tools and techniques that i've used to come out of the cave, to reconnect when i'm feeling a bit disconnected and mute and when i'm facing resistance and contraction.

So this show is for you if you are wanting to step forward, to move forward, to find flow- especially if you've ben hiding away for a little bit.

I hope you enjoy it! 


Episode produced by me, with music from Ketil Kinden Endresen (ketxl.com)

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Things i spoke about:

Diana serving us regal cave attire

Diana serving us regal cave attire


✨ Vulnerable moments and 90s rnb freestyle.
✨The challenge : Scary stuff: showing up. being present
✨ The cave of fear + the cape of protection (+André Leon Talley from Vogue who is basically my cape idol ... other than you know who of course)
✨ Showing up + expectations
✨ Being human with mute blockages
✨ The responsibility of speaking up
✨ My challenges with public expression  
✨ Outlets and tools of expression that help things to flow
✨ Staying safe outside the cave
✨ A story about not feeling safe to use my voice
✨ Being a shy introvert + how it affects my work ///Expression in my work + what it's like being a shy introvert that needs to connect with lots of people in public spaces.
✨ How do we get unstuck from feeling scared when you want to speak/move forward/take action?
✨ Protecting your vulnerability + pain + suffering (especially for Black women + WOC)
✨ The importance of being vulnerable in order to find joy + connection
✨ Tools + techniques to help support you when emerging from the cave into the open in your bejewelled cape
✨ Feeling your feelings and a reminder for anyone who feels stuck!
Pat + Frank!

prince cape

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