Episode 8: Do you, boo (this one's for the people pleasers!)


This week we are diving deep! We are diving into the juicy niblets of being yourself (Bernie Mac inspired - *contains swearing!*):  

⚡️The perils of expressing yourself and putting yourself out there (because it's kind of terrifying!).⚡️

✨How do you do that authentically?

✨How do you do it in a way that feels safe?

✨And also, what do you do when you're feeling that other people don't want you do do it?

Yes! We're going in. You ready? 🌶👅

Hold my hand - - -let's go!

Episode produced by me, with music from Ketil Kinden Endresen (ketxl.com)

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Things i spoke about:


✨ Insecurity in stepping outside your comfort zone and being you fully, living your life your own way, especially when people don't want you to.
✨Staying true to yourself (especially when others want you to stay small)
✨ Stepping out of your comfort zone
✨ Embracing all parts of you
✨ The reality of growth + transformation
✨ Dealing with haters that want you to be small
✨ Filtering ourselves
✨ Beautiful rainbows + the fullest expression of ourselves
✨ Inner child stuff (especially in relation to painful childhoods) and the key to being true to ourselves
✨ The systematic lens + codes of conforming
✨ Getting real and super honest
✨ People pleasing + the consequence of not doing you (dismantling boxes and RuPaul)
✨ Liberation + thigh rubs
✨ The importance of being vulnerable (link to last week's episode with tools + techniques to help support you when emerging from the cave into the open in your bejewelled sequin cape)

Aforementioned meme-reference in response to haters

Aforementioned meme-reference in response to haters

Just do you!

Just do you!

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