Episode 2: Norway vs UK - The Art of Chill

I feel for you podcast
I feel for you podcast

It’s getting cold outside! The urge to cosy up and hunker down is so. Real.

This week, i’m reflecting on valuable lessons Norway has taught me about slowing down. 

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Episode produced by me, with music from Ketil Kinden Endresen (ketxl.com)

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Things i spoke about:

  • Life in Norway

  • Seasonal shifts - autumn winter

  • Taking time off

  • Sundays in Norway

  • Doing “nothing”

  • The art of "koselig" - a way of being

  • Norway vs uk

  • The glorification of busy

  • Daydreaming

  • Practicing the art of chill


Links mentioned:

  • The digest

  • My "Winter kos aesthetic" pinterest board


#InspirationStation + Self Care Resources

Some practical tips to apply chill to real life:::::


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