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I Feel For You - a podcast!


WELCOME to the aural pleasurezone: I Feel For You also known as a podcast, where we ponder and chew the cud of life and all its wonder and delicious weirdness. A thing you can, or might listen to, perhaps whilst somewhere tedious. Or on the move going about your day with elegant and regal splendour.

Your host is Dionne, (me),  a human being and interested in supporting other people to feel better in real, accessible and sustainable ways. She's (um, "i'm") also a creative coach, yoga and movement event-sharer, retreat host, writer and dj. You might already know that since you're on this site, if not, welcome! have a scoot around! A cup of tea! Polymaths unite!


i feel for you episode 1 text

"...i want to remind each human that wants to hear it, that there is unlimited potential for you to step into your life. Not to be lead by it, or to sleepwalk through it. Cause i've been there, oh my, i really have. And i want to save you time and energy.
Years of that beige box living. And  instead encourage you as much as i can."


It's our birthday! I mean, episode one my friends!  It has landed, my goodness, a new podcast, with me, Dionne, that i hope will be a present for your earholes to hopefully make your day a little brighter!

So happy you are here! Thank you for meeting me along with your ears! I really hope you enjoy the first show! And if you do, please consider subscribing, and maybe even rating the show on iTunes so other likeminded good people can find it! ❤️

This week, i'm wondering, what haunts you with possibility? Let's lurk around the junk drawer and get real about transformation!

Episode produced by me, with music from Ketil Kinden Endresen (ketxl.com)

Things i spoke about:

  • Podcast? Ear cocoon? Aural pleasurezone? What is this thing, exactly? 
  • Who i am and what i do
  •  "I Feel For You" - but, why?
  • Starting over, fear and practicing vulnerability
  • Meeting stuff that scares you
  • What to expect on this journey of mind waffles and not fitting into boxes
  • Haddaway reference 
  • Self doubt and the stuff we put in the drawer we don't speak of.
  • Getting real about the things that haunt us with possibility (but don't speak of) a creative visioning exercise!
  • Fags and holidays
  • Getting to second base with the thing!
  • Clarifying and clutching your dreams: a creative exercise (grab a pen or paper or notes on your phone)
  • Taking the next steps (making it real!)
  • Putting yourself out there
  • Process vs perfection
  • Haddaway reference #2
  • Consequences of hope 
  • Real talk on making dreams real (includes self care + tenderness)
  • a Dionne Warwick surprise


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