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Take Care of You: Autumn - an online creative coaching group


What is it?

I’m holding space for the month of October to be a group coaching month, to support us transitioning into the autumn season. Together, we explore how we can take care of ourselves and our creativity!

It’s a practice, so this intimate group is for those who want to commit to their wellness goals, but do better having accountability buddies in the mix. It’s not a bootcamp, more a lovefest. ...Hold on, did that sound weird? Ok it’s more a space to be you, bravely.

  • To feel progress with your wellness and self care goals

  • To nourish your emotional health

  • To practice mindfulness and creativity

  • To develop and deepen your own yoga and movement and self care practice

  • Life nourishment 101. ✨

A combination of yoga + movement + meditation + wellness + creativity + self care with heaps of support, this creative coaching is a holistic one. We’re not interested in “how to get fit in a month”, rather, how can we support ourselves to instil self care practices and commit to nourishing ourselves on every level as we move through the season, so that we might cultivate better attention to ourselves, and with that intention, show up from a wholehearted place grounded in feeling GOOD.

My intention is to serve as your coach and cheerleader, offering a variety of wellness and creativity tools to support you to find ways to consistently take care of yourself this autumn. This will be via a self care package delivered to your email (weekly) and in our private safe space facebook community. I’ll be holding space for you to show up, define and explore your own version of self care is at the heart and core of this offering. I hope that this course encourages and inspires you to explore and get creative, using inspiration from the tips and resources shared in the community.

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Why i created this online creative coaching group

Autumn is a time when lots of people tend to feel under the weather. There simply isn’t the same energy of summer and as the seasons shift we might find ourselves a little imbalanced, always in a state of catching up and firefighting our to-do lists, frazzled by the busyness and sacrificing the most important thing - our own wellbeing. I have seen this cycle repeat itself over the years with many of my clients, and understand the struggle! Life doesn’t always make space for the stuff that helps keep us at our best. We have families, whether by blood or chosen, work, studies, and life stuff that gets in the way or interrupts our best intentions. We can get off track with our goals.

So i’m here to be your anchor, for want of a better word. Let’s call me a mirror of your excellence and potential. A reminder that no matter how far away you feel from this idea of “balance” or “having your shit together”, you can always, always, step back into the groove and find your way.

And you don’t have to do it alone!

Because i’ve prepared a curriculum for you (more on that below) that i will be delivering to you every week via email, along with tools to develop and advance your own practice (i’ve recorded a series of videos for you to do in your own time), creative exercises for you to contemplate and explore, and also dollops of inspiration for when you just need to feel held and supported.

Not only that, but there’s a private and safe space facebook community which i’ve created that we can hang out in, together. It’s a place where you can share and connect with others if you feel like it. I will be in there on the regular so you can ask me anything at all as it comes up. We can have conversations about the journey, sharing tips and support and be reminded that we are in this together. Plus expect humour. Because what is life, without practicing joy as a tool for self care.

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Enrol now

Attendees for Autumn yoga + movement workshops in Bergen, Norway 29 September get 15% off - just use offer code HEROSALEN on checkout!  

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'Dionne is amazing! She helps put everything in perspective and helps bring out the best in yourself in a way that is uplifting and accessible. '

- Kirby



What it is:

  • A community of good people interested in practicing self care and creativity in real life

  • A motivational safe space to feel more empowered to navigate the autumn season

  • A judgement free zone

  • A place where you are free to be as you are - all spectrums and facets of yourself

  • An open, supportive and encouraging community of people who are into real talk, real life tools and who embrace humour (and memes) as a vital part of the wellness process (!)

  • A self care and creative toolkit to support you to thrive through autumn (and beyond!)

What it’s not:

  • A bootcamp!

  • A place where you will be judged or told off or expected to be a particular way. Come as you are.

  • A dogmatic space. We are open to exploring many different ideas and perspectives.

  • A place where you are told off if you can’t complete prompts, classes or exercises. Life happens and part of taking care of ourselves is honouring that.

This is for you if:

  • You want to feel connected with a limited number of other people on a similar journey of exploring self care, wellness and creativity

  • You find consistency and commitment a challenge to your wellness practice.

  • You’re interested in learning about and deepening how to apply Ayurvedic principles to your own self care and creativity (and with that, life!)

  • You enjoy the energy of my community classes, workshops, retreats but aren’t in the position to dive into my 1-1 coaching programmes

  • You’re interested in the physiological and energetic qualities of the autumn season and how it affects our mind, body, emotions, motivation, creativity and vibes

Queer Eye Jonathan

  • You want real life tools to explore how you can align with the season so you can feel better physically, mentally, emotionally etc

  • You enjoy creativity as a tool for empowerment and freedom (no experience or practice necessary!)

  • You want to develop your yoga and movement, meditation and self care practice

  • You need some accountability and community to make your goals more accessible

  • You want to prioritise feeling and being well this season

  • You’re ready to commit to a month of focussed intention and action to create space to show up for yourself 

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'Dionne is really positive and inspiring and a talented person with a great deal of experience, so you trust her :) '

- Anastasia


What will I get?

An understanding of how ayurveda and autumn and the environment can be used to support our wellness journey with tools, resources and inspiration to take action and practice creativity and self care.

  • Weekly self care package sent by email which includes:

    • Exclusive yoga + movement video class with me (recorded to practice during the week at your leisure)

    • Exclusive meditation session to stream / download

    • Creative activity

    • Prompts

    • Resources that support you beyond the duration of the month

  • A private community safe space on facebook to share + connect with others + ask me anything (always open!) which includes:

    • Deeper dive into weekly prompts

    • Weekly accountability check ins

    • Space to ask questions + share your journey

    • Practical tips, resources, recipes + inspiration

    • A brilliant and down to earth community of accountability buddies + support: good people to grow with, bounce ideas around with and connect with

    • Live weekly chats with q+a, check in and spacemaking (recorded if you are unable to make the time)

+ Option to add on personalised 1-1 coaching session

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'I love Dionne’s yoga style, and the fact that there are no strict rules, nothing is “wrong”, you just do what feels right for you. An investment for body and soul!'

- Grethe



Week 1: Ayurveda, vata and the winds of change

Welcome and get acquainted. Learn about the mind-body connection with the new season.

Establish stability and consistency. Create space to get clear, grounded and centred. Explore foundations to find flow in transitions. Set your intention releasing unnecessary pressure + expectation.

Week 2: Immunity + self care

Build on your foundation and explore more tools and learn techniques to develop balance and support your immune and nervous systems.

Entertain “slowing down”, supporting yourself and letting yourself be supported. Ground, nurture and protect your energy and manage stress. Deeply nourish yourself with tools to rebalance and restore.

Week 3: Ritual

Hold space for yourself to remember who you are.

Cultivate constancy and create pleasure practices to reconnect, honour and centre yourself during transitional times.

Expect deeper exploration and adventure!

Week 4: Harvest - bring it in!

Celebration! Amalgamate your journey.

Connect to energies of abundance, gratitude and mindfulness.

Take stock and explore how will you will commit to self care and creativity and take your journey forward sustainably.

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To claim your spot, hit the button below. Curriculum begins 1st October, and spaces are limited. Attendees for Autumn yoga + movement workshops in Bergen, Norway 29 September get 15% off - just use offer code HEROSALEN on checkout!  


Q + A

Q: Hey, i’m a bit new to the yoga stuff, is it going to be all weird pretzel shapes and bossy powertripping telling me to do things my body doesn’t like?

A: I’m so glad you asked this. cause no. it sure ‘aint! You will be sent a class i have recorded for you (to do in your own time…or don’t!) It’s an offering in my typical style (read and see more on that HERE). You can play the video then lay down and have a snooze if that’s your vibe that day. Or join in at points. Or adapt the practice (i offer heaps of alternatives always, so it’s inclusive and adjustable. You always get to choose your own seasoning).

Also, worth mentioning that the yoga + movement part is just one tool that we explore to take care of ourselves during the autumn season.

Q: Meditation…? Aaaaagh!

A: I hear that. that was actually me for about 10 years or so. So i get it. Which is why i wanted to offer a variety of meditation approaches in this programme. Sitting on a pew looking serene and blissed out is not a requirement. You might even have fun! I KNOW!

Or, just leave it behind. as above. it’s just a tool.

Q: Do i have to introduce myself to strangers and do that awks thing where i tell them about myself?

A: Well, there’s space to do that but personally i kind of cringe in a ball of shy when i have to respond to that “tell us about yourself"?” and never know what to say! So, don’t fear, i have some suggestions for those of you like me which will hopefully make things much more easeful. And fun! …Did i mention fun? That’s the point. Cause if anything’s going to be torturous, there’s simply no point doing it right?

Also, the group is one that is intimate and private plus the people in it are good people who hold space for people to come as they are. So, feel free to show up with bells on, make a video with special effects with a karaoke cover, choreographed and costumed dance interpretation of Daft Punk’s Around The World if that’s your vibe that day (just me?), or dip in and dip out as time permits, sharing if you like, or simply communicating a mood by emoji/gif/song. Completely up to you! No pressure.

Q: How much time do i need to dedicate to this during the month?

A: I made this course for busy people as a way to help balance the often hectic season. This programme is set up so you get a self care package delivered to your inbox each week that you can dip into or keep as a resource to use at a later date, and there’s also a private online space which is always open and available to you during the programme. I will be posting in there at least once each week too and doing a live chat (don’t worry if you miss it because it will be available for you to rewatch afterwards). The live chat will be a spacemaking check in, offering extra insights of the week, answering any questions that might have come up and also to simply connect with you, darling.

The yoga and movement videos are around 30 minutes long, but you also have access to many more free videos in my library which i curate for you to sync with the theme of the week. So you can use the videos as much or as little as you like.

The meditations are up to 10 minutes long each. Again, use as desired.

The creative activity can also be adaptable depending how much time you have in the week to dedicate to it. I would recommend you taking 30 minutes to an hour if possible. More if you have space for it, less if you don’t!

You also have prompts which might be ideas you ponder as you go about your week. Or, as i like to recommend, you can write them out. There’s the option to share them and discuss them in our private group.

The course is paced so you can build onto your self care each week, as much or as little as you like. If you really dig something, you can continue it throughout the course, or drop it and pick up something else that i’m offering.

…Um, not sure i really answered that well but truth is, the more you put in, the more you get out of it, and vice versa. But also, the key to ALLLL of this, is that this is a supportive and encouraging space for you to get more acquainted with how you show up and take care of yourself. So if you have a busy week or weeks, learning how to work with that rather than against it (and punish yourself) is going to be your work for the month of October! Choose your own seasoning and use it as a support rather than a chore.

If you want to chat to me about it, feel welcome to ask me more Qs HERE!

Q: Do i have to be on video?

A: No! but if you want to i welcome you with open arms. either way. See the Daft Punk example above.

Q: So can’t i just do this with you on email then?

A: That’s just for my 1-1 creative clients my love. But there’s an option to add that on if you want it.

I am here to serve you as your coach, offering a variety of wellness and creativity tools and supporting you to find ways to take care of yourself this autumn. I will be showing up for you in the private Facebook community, as well as sending you your weekly self care package.

Q: Creativity….but i’m not…”creative”!

A: Sure you are! we all are! we each have inherent capacity to create and most of it has to do with allowing ourselves space to explore that for ourselves, outside of what we thing “being creative” looks like. Hint: it doesn’t have to be “perfect” (cause it already is, without being too cryptic). We get to tune into ourselves in a different way and express that in whatever we feel. But don’t worry, i won’t leave you hanging. I’m sharing some of my trusted tools that i hope will support you to deepen your own relationship with your creativity. Whether you are “well seasoned” or “very new” to this. It doesn’t matter. It’s all good. Perfect and unique as you are. And i’m so excited! Pointer Sister excitedThat means it’s serious. Seriously fun.

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