Dionne Elizabeth

“Dionne is the self-care ambassador that you
didn't realize you needed
in your life.”


“She has a unique gift for holding space for you and where you are in your journey. Her warm, caring, thoughtful, and gentle ways will support you through whatever you are going through.

Dionne has an intuitive way of working through the murkiness and clearing the way to help you move forward and in alignment with your highest self.

A true polymath, Dionne works in various mediums and modalities that are incredibly accessible to all. From body work, to one-on-one coaching, to sound therapy, Dionne's modes of making space can truly accommodate everyone.

I highly recommend working with Dionne if you ever have the opportunity!”

- Safia, Curator, poet, dj, cinephile, and arts programmer

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💗 Dionne is an incredible polymath artist, a true visionary with an amazing talent as a creative coach.

She has been extraordinary in helping me recover from a period of exhaustion, reconnect to my self-care journey and creativity and align with my purpose.

She creates the most gentle, caring and inspiring space, where you really feel safe, seen and reassured. In the midst of turmoil, she is so helpful in finding clarity, bringing awareness and uncovering new potential and possibilities with her illuminating intelligence and wisdom.

She has the warmest heart, sense of humour and is genuinely loving, supportive and so generous in sharing her wide-ranging expertise and her fantastic artistic resources, such as her blog, podcasts and yoga videos.

Being part of the "Take Care of you: Autumn" has been so wonderful. It has helped me to create beautiful self-care rituals, commit to my morning pages and to a more sustainable practice of movement and meditation... and connect to a like-minded community has been really lovely.

Thank you, Dionne, with sincere gratitude and appreciation 💗

- Gloria

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Dionne is amazing!
She helps put everything in perspective and helps bring out the best in yourself in a way that is uplifting and accessible.”


(Find Kirby’s site Dump Him Press Co here.)

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creative coaching

“After one session I’d hit the ground running! I can’t recommend her coaching skills enough.”

“Dionne has the most fantastic energy, she truly has a skill for listening, for asking the right questions as to why I wasn’t putting myself out there with something I really wanted to do.”

- Andrea, Age of Plastic Podcast

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“Dionne holds space in such a loving, lighthearted, reassuring way.”

“She intuits your worries and swoops in gracefully and playfully to allay them.

I found the October Nurturing Circle (Take Care of You) so helpful, it helped me to commit to a new practice, writing morning pages, and stick to it against all the odds!

Having an online community all working on getting into good habits gently holding me to account was just what I needed to get me back into keeping some precious time for myself amidst the busy life of being a working mum.

The practice had a profound effect! I was able to unearth and expel unconscious prejudices and negative attitudes that I didn’t really know I had, and I have felt like a new person having shaken them off!”

- Poppy

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“I highly recommend her
1-to-1 sessions for shaping ideas, dreams, goals”

creative coaching

“Dionne is like the Fairy Godmother of Polymaths. I really enjoyed working with her. She has such a wide range of experience and is so easy to talk to. Inspiring, creative, and kind, she really helps open up ideas and shed light on new possibilities.

Her newsletters and playlists are fantastic, her yoga videos are the best (even for someone who isn't the biggest fan of yoga!). I highly recommend her 1-to-1 sessions for shaping ideas, dreams, goals; cheerfully slapping a little structure and sensibility into a nebulous maybe, one day, perhaps grand goal.

She is generous and genuine, handing you key after key to helpful concepts, books, resources and helping you break a big project into manageable steps.
Thank you, Dionne.”

- Desta, Languages Through Music

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“You allowed me to express how I truly was without any pressure, judgement and assumption.”

“Thank you for your gift of time and space. And thank you for your energy, that allowed me to accept how I feel. You allowed me to express how I truly was without any pressure, judgement and assumption.

You allowed me to be. You allowed me to discover something truly valuable and beautiful, something I keep in my mind every minute to bring back a state of awareness and breakthrough and the feeling of finding the true me.

Straight after our beautiful creative coaching session I felt so centred. I can now feel deeper and appreciate deeper.

I am so grateful and can not thank you enough.“

- Joanna, holistic therapist

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