In the past I’ve:

+ Supported 100s of clients looking to develop their confidence and be more of who they are in work and life.

+ Offered creative workshops (irl + online) to support clients with productivity tools and processes to enable them to work smarter (not harder).

+ Designed and led programmes for clients recovering from burnout, clients who are mid career wanting change, clients who are uninspired and looking to reignite their passion and be more of who they are in their business and their lives.

+ Collaborated with organisations including Lick, KODE - Art Museums of Bergen, KODE - Composers homes, Bergen School of Architecture.

+ Worked as a lead actress, dj + sound designer for Den National Scene (The National Stage), Bergen, Norway.

+ Ran + produced 100s of shows for independent and commercial radio stations.

+ Presented and produced a weekly 2hr music show (TotallyWired) on Brighton’s Juice FM + from 2008, and now, FEELINGS (since 2016).

+ Shared approachable, inclusive and trauma sensitive workshops on themes including wellness, self care, arts + creativity. Topics have included:

  • Synching with the seasons

  • Being radically you

  • Owning your uniqueness in your business and your LIFE

  • Create space to do you + get free

  • Own your story (+ get free from shame)

  • Breaking out of the box (doing things differently)

  • How to show up in the world when you’re shy

  • Manage anxiety + depression

  • Run a successful business without compromising who you are/your personality

  • Nourish your spirit - Maintaining your emotional health in modern times

  • Reclaim your time - how to set + maintain boundaries!

  • Develop confidence

  • How expression + creativity can help you feel more free

  • Reconnecting with your creativity

  • Take care of you

  • Getting to the heart of the matter (your purpose + how to “find” it)

  • Marketing that doesn’t feel gross

+ connected people bridging a wide range of industries.

+intentionally developed a plan to merge my interests to support others to feel more free and made that into a sustainable business that’s approaching 10 years old.


+ Mentored, encouraged and enabled close to 100 individuals to follow their path to becoming a yoga teacher (and coached them on their journey as they establish and design their careers).

+ Given talks to groups on topics ranging from Burnout in the workplace, Self care as radical resistance in real life, ….

+ Taken clients from being overwhelmed by ideas to owning who they are, getting clear, creating plans and taking action to move forwards.

+ Been a digital media + radio producer working on projects including the Independent newspaper and Music Week podcasts.

+ Produced and arranged a sound art city-wide installation in Brighton as part of the Nuit Blanche arts festival.

+ Created, curated, arranged and led 1000s of yoga + movement community classes since 2010 teaching diverse groups from ages 8 - 80.

+ Established and maintained partnerships to create projects that include pr, marketing and communications that is inclusive, diverse and accessible.

+ conceptualised, designed, written and produced print marketing materials including books, manuals, magazines and newsletters.

+ Sourced and project managed stocks globally for a range of industries including ceramics, glassware, homeware….

+ Scouted, nurtured and managed music talent supporting them in the creative process to the business side of the music industry.

+ Toured and managed bands and artists internationally.

+ Arranged a charity gig raising funds for musicians and their families affected by Hurricane Katrina.

+ Given motivational talks, tours + workshops to new (and often underrepresented) university candidates.

+ Acted in numerous commercials and *ahem* music videos (the geeky awkward love interest fyi as apposed to the raunchy r&b grinding video girl, alas! 😂).

+ Presented on a Grime tv channel wearing a sequin bolero and aqua cowgirl boots no less……

+ Served as consultant, then conceptualised, art directed, planned and dj’d the first late night at the art museums events in all KODE (art museums of Bergen, Norway) locations.

+ Ran successful and sold out retreats internationally since 2012.

+ Ran women circles since 2005 irl + online.

+ Supported dozens of business owners and individuals through the process of getting clear on their direction and purpose, defining their brand, guiding them through the steps to set up their websites, socials and visual presence, to supporting with visioning, planning and executing their plans.

+ Activated clients stuck in a limited mindset to taking action to create a more sustainable approach to ……

+ Published articles in Black Girl in Om, Gaia,, NRK, + + + (Folk magazine (Norway), The Source (uk), LuV music (uk).

+ Taught clients how to launch their podcasts guiding them through the process from clarifying their initial idea, walking with them to teach specific technical skills to establishing consistency and longevity with their project.

+ Launched and ran popular online creative coaching courses with international audiences centred around real-life and accessible self care, wellness, life design and creativity.

+ Consulted and contributed to policy related to the radio + health industries.

+ Independently established strong inclusive (and friendly) communities, creating the spaces that didn’t exist and that i wanted to see in the yoga + movement community in the UK + Norway. Not only with a focus to make yoga more accessible, but also to bridge communities and industries that often felt elitist and separate via the following projects:

  • TRY yoga unleashed (pop up rogue classes to bridge communities)

  • Art + Yoga @ art museums of bergen

  • Yoga in Litteraturhuset, Bergen (yoga + writing)

  • Yoga @ Herosalen (Norway’s oldest kindergarten)

  • Lick Yoga, Brighton

  • Women of Colour Wellness (UK + online)

Find more on my projects page.

+ Co-conceptualised, event produced + dj’d dozens of sold out + in demand silent disco events in locations around Norway.

+ Conceptualised, art directed and launched a number of concepts bridging yoga, movement, art + music in the UK + Norway since 2010.

+ Established, conceptualised and produced my weekly newsletter since 2010 with an engaged and enthusiastic audience.

+ Created, produced and maintained a YouTube channel offering accessible, non-snooty and free yoga, movement + meditation classes.

+ Supported other business owners to establish, create, produce + maintain their YouTube channels.

So, what feels good?