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Illustration by Etel Adnan🎨

Illustration by Etel Adnan🎨

Perhaps you’re curious.
seeking. open to exploration.
a little lost. overwhelmed.
but interested in knowing more about
how i work with people like you.

I help folks to create more space to feel free.

I’m not interested in “selling” delusion.
I’m interested in helping you to reclaim your story, and feel empowered you to be more of who you are.
and take care of yourself on the journey.

A lot of my work with my clients is focussed on rooting. Rooting into who you are. So you can be more you.
It’s about mindset.

Meeting yourself where you are.
Arriving with what you have.
and developing acceptance.
Not the kind of “oh this is just how it is, i can’t hope for more in life…” kind of acceptance,
i mean, working to connect you more to who you are.

Your essence. Your giblets. Your wonder. Your magic. ✨

Cause i think that’s the key to freedom:

Being more you.
And having the courage to live a life that is true to yourself.

Cause when you can be more you, it opens up space to do whatever the hell it is you want. Go in the directions that call you.
Create the things that stir your insides in a nice way.
And i support people with that too.
So you could say, my approach is two pronged.
Grounding and action.

First: we root, we anchor, we connect you closer to yourself

Then: we use all that goodness and magic that is already IN you, and tease it out.
Get you feeling yourself. Create the conditions to show up for yourself.
Cause babes, life can be tricky.

Maya Angelou

And as Maya said,

“i’ve got my own back.”

and also,

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour, and some style.”

And thats just how i’m trying to be.


In my experience working with clients and also on myself over the last 20 years, it’s my belief that your connection to yourself is what will make this journey sustainable.
It’s the source. And the sauce. Literally - you, are the essence darling! 💦

I’m just here to help you dig deep into that.
To get really clear.
Really connected to who you are.

…Not urging you to “find yourself” IF you follow these 68 really complicated and overwhelming steps…

I mean, if that works for you then great but…we are more complex than that.
We are multifaceted.
And sure, we can do a lot of work alone in personal development, but i find working with someone can really help you see yourself more clearly, what you want and don’t want. And so on. It’s a journey of discovery, hopefully a lot of “a-ha” moments, with heaps of self care infused throughout. Like a pungent and succulent tea!

It’s also why i walk the talk and have worked with coaches over the years for many different reasons too - cause we don’t have to do this journey alone.

I don’t spend time in my coaching programmes (or retreats, movement + creativity workshops, classes, either) telling you to be something that you’re not.

Whatever Enneagram you are, Myers briggs, astrological constitution map you have (and i’m very much INTO all these things as tools mind you…) and whichever Strengths are most dominant in your personality type…

I’m interested in supporting you being more YOU.

You don’t need “fixing”

or to be told what you “should” do.

It’s just about remembering who you are.

You know, before you were told what you should be.

Sensitive souls. Open folks. Empaths. Creative beings. Perhaps you’ve even been told you’re too sensitive. You “should find the “safe” thing to do that will make you 6 figures/get more followers/do such-and-such in order to prove your worth…”

You might have been dismissed. Copycatted and taken advantage of. Yet yearning to still do the work with integrity, creating your own path in the world. But it’s lonely.

You might have been put in a box or boxes by others. Told to behave in particular ways that just don’t sit well with you. Asked to surrender your own integrity for someone else’s comfort.

You might be doing a few different things and worried at how to make it all work. Worried you somehow need to choose one thing. Or perhaps you’re waiting for your “eureka” moment. The moment that will somehow tell you what you are “supposed” to be doing with your life. And wondering why hasn’t it happened already?!

You might have spent a lifetime trying to please others who want you to be different. Trying to bend yourself to be less of who you are, so others could feel more comfortable.

Feeling meek or shy to go for something that you long for, afraid of criticism or failure or being told it’s not possible for someone like you….

…Some or even all of these might apply.

Let me tell you, you are my people.

I too have wandered that road. I spent over 20 years wandering.

But not aimlessly, cause i want you to know, if you are there, right now, no part of your journey is wasted. This is all glorious treasure! This is vital fuel for this new journey you’re beginning!

You deserve to celebrate your strengths. To nurture them. To embrace what makes you unique. And cultivate those authentic parts of yourself.

Your story has worth.

Oprah gif you get a car

So if i could share one thing with you, it’s to own and embrace who you are. Give yourself permission to be who you are. And if you’re waiting on someone else to give you permission………here it is! (thnx Oprah!)

I’m not sharing this lightly, mind.

I also understand it takes work to build courage to stand in yourself.

To defy the status quo.

To follow your guts and heart and intuition.

And you know when you get that feeling of connection to yourself and who you are, it’s quite a feeling, isn’t it? There’s nothing like it. Owning who you are. It’s freedom. It’s….just RIGHT. You’re in flow.

You also know when you choose not to be who you are. Be it, succumbing to pressure from others, or what society/family/peers needs you to present. You know when it doesn’t feel right.

Truly, we understand, we have to align with who we are, cause we understand this is the key to our freedom and creating whatever we want to do with our lives in this world.

This is, to me, the process of transformation. And that’s why i choose to define my work with my clients as “transformational”. Because it involves really seeing. Really being at the core of who you are, looking at patterns that are there, helpful and unhelpful, and deciding how you want to move forwards. And doing that sustainably so it can be for real life, and not pretend.

And perhaps all that might sound easy…but i believe transformation is often hard. Challenging. Difficult!

We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.
— Maya Angelou

Transformation takes… work.
You have to feel ready.
Feel that call, that ping, that fire in your belly that knows and believes there’s more meant for you.
And i understand how it feels to want and crave that, but to also wonder how to access it, or even know what that is, or how to get there.

But what i know for sure is that’s it’s possible.

I am living proof of that.

Which is why my work supporting others and walking with them through the transformational process to stand in their truth, take up space and be more of who they are is so important to me.

So i hope you feel the potential you have, how important you are and that your story is vital to this planet.

However you choose to move forwards with it, be it working with me to reclaim it, or whatever you do from this point, know i’m excited for you.

So tell me about it!

I’d love to hear where you’re at, even if you simply want to send me an arm raise emoji to tell me you feel seen and heard.

Or send me a little story/song/drawing about your life! Get in touch here!

Or, if you feel the call and want to tuck into working with me immediately, know i’d love to work with you! Sign yourself up here and let’s do this!

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