a creative exercise to review your life pie at any time of the year

- - - - - CUE: 


Feel free, as i do, to get out ALL the tools to do this. Glitter. Crayons. Tape. The lot.
Or keep it simple and write it on the back of the gas bill envelope with a “borrowed” ikea pencil, as i have also been prone to do in my time.

note EXTENSIVE range of washi tape 

note EXTENSIVE range of washi tape 

1 - Whatchu workin with?
Where are you at as we reach the halfway point of the year? I find it useful here to think about different areas of life and mark them out of 10. Very cognitive behavioural therapy!

Here are some examples of categories. Feel free to add your own. 

  • Work / study
  • Family / friends / relationships /authentic connection
  • Pleasure
  • Rest/ self care
  • Activism + social justice work
  • The list of films/books i wanted to absorb this year
  • Etc.

2 - Tot it up! / scores on the board!
Have a look at the different areas and REMIND yourself that NOONE has all their plates spinning perfectly. Something is surely wonkey and that’s part of it. The key is to try to be ok with that, and to not let it overwhelm you. One step at a time, broken into tiny bitesize, accessible and delicious chunks. 😛

When you’ve marked stuff out of 10, look at any scores you have that are below 7* and proceed to step 3. 
*(If they are all above 7, babes, i have a rosette for you because that’s wonderful! please share all your wisdom with us thanks iloveyou bye)

3 - Do me baby (urr, i always feel weird about the word “baby” in reference to adults...just me?)
What could use some attention?
See, i didn’t use the word “work” here?
That’s all.
Cause where attention goes, energy flows, right?
Was that w@nky? Sorry...but it’s true. Everything is energy. And everything has a vibration. Including us, our thoughts, our feels. 
And it’s adjustable too.
And transferable.

So give some attention to the scores under 7 and write three things that could improve that score.
It could be as random as you like. “I’ll watch the trailer for that film i want to see on youtube tonight and re-enact it with paper mache goblins or almost-real props + humans..." (like THIS excellent piece of work)

Or as logical. “I will go to the library within the next couple of weeks and look for that book”

4 - Make it real! (say that like you would say “make it rain”, by the way)
Get out your bujo/diary/calendar/online booking system and schedule one of those in. Right away!

5 - Seal the deal!
Then, reply to this mail and tell me when that is (and share your plan with me!)
I’m going to check in with you (with love and encouragement) to see how you get on.
I'll be right here waiting with Richard of the Marx variety whilst cheering, simultaneously.

Ok, that’s all for now. But resources + more goodies below, k? k.
Feels good to talk to you. 

Let me know how you are via words /emoji / 80s shoegaze music video.
Always whooping you on with passionate gutteral sounds.

Dionne xxx

every cube of space deserves to be loved
dionne elizabeth