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The Love Witch (one of my recommended films for spooky szn!)

The Love Witch (one of my recommended films for spooky szn!)

My list of film recommendations to bookmark for spooky szn (or whenever you’re in the mood!)

”I’m Black, so you don’t have to be” by one of my fave writers and heroes, Colin Grant for Granta magazine

I’d spent many years attending to the fragility of white colleagues like J.B., and he looked genuinely aggrieved and unsettled. No doubt, he’d grown accustomed to the idea that I, thankfully, wasn’t like those other angry black folk. In our rarefied world of broadcasting J.B. had never had to take recourse to saying, ‘Oh, you’re playing the race card’ (which in my experience is actually the card white people play when they don’t want to talk about race; shutting it down). Perhaps J.B. was disappointed with himself and with me for having forced from his lips such clichéd sentiments.”

Me going ghost on everybody & ignoring all my responsibilities for days in the name of self care (can someone turn down the volume of this tweet?)


Mate - How Dr Martins are made!


The Wiz turned 40 last month!

In a couple of weeks of heavy news, Tan & Hasan Minhaj made me laugh out loud with much needed relief!



Southampton bookshop enlists human chain to move to new store

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