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prince in autumn leaves of course!

This is a transcript of the podcast episode #19 by the same name. Here's a link to listen to the show + get the shownotes  or click below!

You’re listening to I Feel for You, a podcast with me, Dionne who is a human being that uses a lot of tools to help people to feel better.

I’m a creative coach, a yoga and movement and meditation teacher, writer, dj, event sharer, experience facilitator, good smell cultivator, book addict, animal lover and connector, i think, of humans and to feelings.


And today, we have a seasonal check in for autumn! Yes! It’s a moment to ponder and puree some ideas about getting intentional with what you want to bring in this season. Very post equinoxxy. Bring a pad and pen if you feel like it. Or your mobile notes app. Or just and most importantly, yourself!

Bon appetit!

I don’t know what that was i’m sorry!

make it cozy, my friends!

Ok you guys….

Let me start by saying how flipping humbled and moved i am at every single person who got in touch following my last crazy epic podcast about the Autumn equinox….. I am so so grateful for you sharing the stuff you got out of it and your feelings too, obviously, it is truly so meaningful and moving to hear about your journeys and learn that you got something useful out of something i shared that made things feel a bit more easeful in some way. Thank you and please know you can always reach out to me to share with me, it’s my favourite! You can leave comments on the show notes or my blog, or find me on social, and if you’re feeling particularly generous, it would be so amazing if you could write me a review on itunes as it really helps other good people get access to free resources.

Thank you.

So, after the last couple of long ass podcasts, i wanted to give you a more bite size show today, which kind of links to stuff we’ve been exploring recently, and hopefully offer you some food for thought and inspo going forward. It’s Monday, the day after the autumn equinox, and i thought i’d do a seasonal check in with you, and i’ll share some of my focus for the autumn with you, in the hope it offers some food for thought, as well as asking you some questions to ponder if you feel like making your own autumn intentions.

I mean, the word intentions can be a little loaded like many these days. Sometimes i cringe, i’ll admit, when it’s thrown about at the beginning of a yoga class for example. What's your intention you guys? I mean, what, after practice? To go and eat a big burger and some chips of course! What, with life? Or what? I know, i’m being facetious. But i guess i used to struggle with having to declare anything on the spot to a room full of strangers. I need time to chew. And consider. And feel what it is i’m aching for in a new season. Also, let’s face it, most of us are so flipping hectic around this time of year that it can feel rude to pause and check in with something like that. A luxury of time that we don’t have. A waste of our energy when we have deadlines to meet. Stuff to do. Is that just me?

Ps busyness is really really apparent isn't it? Is it just me that stuff has kicked into a gear? More folks feeling more pressed than ever with time?

It’s the thing that starts many a sentence. I'm so busy.

I am guilty of it and keep catching myself in moments where i hold my head saying, i’m just not sure i have time to do everything i need to do. Or recognising the pinch of stuff from my to do list that lodges itself upon my chest. The more difficult it feels to nod off because i need to reach over to my notebook to write down something i simply cannot forget to do first thing. Or the crushing defeat of realising i didn't send that email to that person i wanted to check in with even though i wrote it in my head and everything……

I know that’s the main reason why i created my Take Care of You: Autumn my online creative coaching programme, and it’s the main reason why everyone who has signed up so far is joining me. They feel the pinch too. And the struggle to juggle all the balls and then some. Kids. Work. Studies. To do lists. Just feeling the busy. Each of them with their own reason for joining but all of them united in the busy season.

And cause this group is intimate, we’re going to address that. This isn't a course. This is more a tool for people to tap into when they need. Resources to keep them on track and connected to themselves using tools like yoga, movement, breathwork, meditation, creative activities, prompts to ponder. I know the creative activity bit got you right? Who the hell has time to be creative?! I get it. Which is why i wanted that to be a part of this programme. Cause for me, it’s a tool to help me reconnect and find balance. I have learned on my own journey that when i make time to look after myself and take care of myself, everything is easier. Every. Thing.

And i know how much i neglect that part of me that wants to feel good, well, in balance, connected, and easeful. I know i will go out of my way to avoid taking care of myself when i get busy. Especially when i get busy. I’m like the most professional dodgeball player at that point.

A case study, for your earholes

Should i….

Take a bath tonight to unwind and help me sleep? No, i’d rather torture myself with crippling panic about the stuff i need to do and because i’m so stressed i don’t get any of it done thank you very much!

Create a lovely meal for myself that is nourishing and delicious? WHo has time to sit and eat. Pass me a gallon of coffee please and i’ll scoff whatever mediocre thing i don’t even like on the run, cheers.

Could i…

Take a 10 minute yoga practice this morning so i can create space before a really hectic day?? I’d much rather start attacking my inbox containing 30,000 unread mails and counting before starting my day, yeah, that sounds brilliant.

Indulge in a bathroom disco and moisturisation party before getting dressed this morning so i can be in my body and love on myself awhile? Whatever, while i’m hopping around trying to put on socks and a roll neck therefore sheer panic works just great, ta.

….do you get the jist?

Hmm….it’s a no brainer that when we take time to be intentional with our days, our weeks, our months, our years, our seasons, everything becomes more easeful. As Chilli would say in 1992 via one of my fave TLC hits, Baby Baby Baby  “it’s actual and factual”.  

By taking care of ourselves we make more space to feel better.

We give ourselves permission to put ourselves first, before all the other noise in the world.

We remember who we are, and reconnect with our mission being human.

And there's so many more benefits too, like processing stress. Sleeping better. Eating in a way that feels supportive - by the way that defo does NOT mean diet! We also get to show up for ourselves, and that means we can also show up for others better too.

And even though i know all of this stuff to be true, it’s something i can never remind myself of enough. Refer to my dodgeball reference earlier.

Which is why i made this programme for a small group - because i know that accountability matters. That it often makes the difference between actually doing something and errr having the best intentions but not quite making it.

Showing up for yourself can be enhanced when you have accountability buddies who are going on their own journey too. And that’s something i’ve often heard over the years too, especially running “wellness” events. People often tell me they get so excited and inspired when they are participating, but alone, it’s, well, hard. So, that’s where i come in. and our other members! Here to cheer you on. To keep you on track with the things you want to focus on this autumn. To encourage you and inspire you. I hope. You get a self care pack from me each week that you can dip into as you like. You have an online community available plus me, checking in with you and available as your coach, for the whole of October.

I know it’s going to be special and i’m already so so excited by the people who are already joining us, they are good good people. Real people. And as i said, busy people too. So they get it. We are determined to make October a good month, no matter how much you have going on. This programme is to support you and enhance your month, not intended to be a drain and another to do. So, if you’re interested head to or find the link in the shownotes, and this is episode 19.


So this focussed month of intention is going to be a big part of my autumn plans.

Here’s some other stuff i plan to build into and embrace this autumn season.

Joy as a tool and a practice.

I spoke about this in episode 16 saying yes to joy and pleasure. I have been having a TIME on this journey embracing joy, including a LIFE GIVING MOMENT featuring Janelle Monae at her london gig a couple of weeks ago. Oh. my. Also, shoutout to everybody who was there because it was FAMILY. I wrote about it and shared some bits on my instagram (handle is dionne 7 underscores) cause i always want to remember that….). I want to say yes to more of that feel good. More remembering. More LIFE.  and there’s lots to look forward to- i really want to see the show Misty which is on in london for a couple more weeeks ay must look at tickets.

My pal cal is over from philadelphia and we go way back, actually we started off as being myspace buddies, i love my myspace family, anyway, he listens to the show so shoutout to Cal loinchops choppette. Basically making room to connect with good people, in real life and online.

Which includes you, dear listening, get in touch eh? Let’s connect! Reach out and touch like diana. Non creepy touching. Just you know. Anyway. Let’s keep it moving….

More balanced sleeping habits

Do you feel me? Truly. A biggie as the seasons change and clocks change later in the month, i need to get back on track with my good sleeping and resting habits cause i want to be well, and getting enough sleep is a big part of supporting our immune system. I know it’s going to be tricky to focus on sleep cause i’m djiing a lot these months in Norway as well as running workshops there too so lots of physical travel, very late nights and early starts going straight from the club to the airport don’t always make for the best rest, but this makes me even more determined to do what i can when i can to build in rest.

We can get so neurotic about being well though, perhaps getting in a state if we miss a day of something rather than using it as part of the process. So taking that into account and working with the stuff that feels challenging and doing what we can with it is key i think.

Embracing change

is something i want to hold space for this autumn. I feel this call to shake things up, you know like i can feel something is afoot. Anew. and i want to allow that shift to happen and find flow with it as best as i can. I’m not sure what it is to be honest, just a feeling, that something is changing. Perhaps it's just me, but anyway, note to self. Allow it. Allow flow.

Self care

- obviously. This October programme is going to be a journey for me so i’m really glad i have accountability buddies too. Making content and showing up for them will also remind me of my priorities. I’m excited for that. To add to self care i’m going to try to get back into massage treatments if i can afford it. And if i can’t, to give myself massages every day to practice self nourishment.

Sidenote: I've been body brushing lately which is great for supporting the lymphatic system and also great for simply feeling ALIVE cause you buff your skin then feel like a buff ting cause your skin gets all soft and tingly. I love it! Anyone else out there who has tried it?

And finally,

committing to not feeling guilty for investing time into practicing self care

is on my list of intentions for autumn. Because as Audre Lorde said,

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”

And in these times, especially in these times, it’s vital that we are as well as we can be.

For me, self care is so much about acceptance of where i am and who i am.

It’s a pause to process.

To reconnect.

To create space and to remind myself that i am worth the investment of time and care and love.

That i deserve to feel good, and learning to take care of myself is a radical act.


On that dramatic not dramatic note, i have some questions for you. Feel free to journal or just to pause and ponder.

  • 5 questions to ponder where you intentionally put your focus this autumn

  1. What does autumn look like for you at the moment?

  2. Did you answer that question listing all the things you have to do?

  3. What can you release this autumn?

  4. Can you reimagine your autumn focussing on things that will help to nourish you this season? Make a list of 5 things if you can. It might be an action like loving on your body a little bit every day - if you need inspo head to my instagram and the Ricky moment, you will know when you see it, or perhaps you might list a feeling you want to bring in, or a task that will enhance things like getting a dental check up for example, or an object that you want to spend time with like a ceramic poodle or something i don't know. Actually, sequins. Always sequins for me darling anyway this isn't about me this is about you and your list of 5 things that nourish you that you want to intentionally focus on bringing into your autumn season.

  5. What can you do to implement something from your list. Today darling. Today!!!! Break it down! It might not be the whole thing, it might be a small step towards one of those things, but either way, write it down and make it real!  

I will put these questions in the shownotes for you darling, so if you missed them or can’t be bothered to pause, head to and episode 19 and you’ll find them. Also, there’s a transcript of this show and probably an awkward youtube video of it too, which you can find on my site,

Feel free to share your answers with me, cause i’d really love to hear them…. I love to hear from you!

So dassit my friends, autumn check in. i hope it’s given you food for thought. Remember i have a gigantic podcast and blog post and video with a heap of free self care ideas and rituals over on my site too - i’ll put the link in the shownotes for you so know that everybody deserves to feel good.

I love you. Take care of you.

Dionne x

dionne elizabeth