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Koolau Mountains, Hawaii

Koolau Mountains, Hawaii


How are we loves? It’s October - can you believe?! We’re back with good stuff for our insides. I’ve missed curating these nibbles for you. I hope you enjoy them as much as i do. This month i’ll be mostly immersed in holding space for an amazing group of people as we dive into self care and creativity in my Autumn: Take care of you programme, which i’m gagging with delight about! Will be back on the blog and the Digest on the other side but in the meantime, i’m sending you good vibes galore!


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Who else can relate to The pleasures of YouTube travel ? It’s a meditation to revisit old streets, especially as more people are uploading some of the lesser trodden spaces from my past lives 🧡

Have you ever had an emotional cold?

Janet Delaney -  “Three Contestants,” 1988.

Janet Delaney - “Three Contestants,” 1988.

What Public Life Used to Look Like in San Francisco’s Mission District

"Since it’s sPoOkY szn can I scare everyone with our existence lol"

The “clumsy, drunk, gluttonous and glamorous” kereru has been named Bird of the Year!

Raised by YouTube - the fascinating and weird world of children’s tv!

Get to know our meme forefathers! The first family of memes!