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📷 Johann Darcel

📷 Johann Darcel


Jean Paul Gaultier on: bravery, freedom and embracing your uniqueness


Inventive tips for separating your job from your life when you work from home

Need some assistance in getting out of the bed office anyone? This might help!

bed office

"Even with the odds stacked against you, you have to knock obstacles down" 

-Nina Danjuma 

Minority Magic ✨ via Intern Magazine

📷 Pamela Rosenkranz, Venice Biennale, 2015

📷 Pamela Rosenkranz, Venice Biennale, 2015


...If you’re not going on hols, here's some ways you can take a holiday when you can't "take a holiday"  

ways to take a holiday when you can't take a holiday

In case you missed: Queer Eye in Conversation

Karamo’s points on diversity, power, representation and toxic masculinity are particularly worth your time (around the 38 minute mark)


Copycats revisited, 2018

A deep delve into the concept of copycats, the bigger picture, and more personal learning moments. Plus shady GIFs. Obviously.



My summer morning rituals

The gory details of what i get up to every morning, plus lots of my tips and recommendations for creating the stuff in your life that helps you to feel tip top.

my summer morning rituals

A documentary about one of my faves, Sylvester 💜


On: Braids + Appropriation

get free with ethel
ethel eartha
cat chill mood.jpg

How i think i sound when i'm recording my podcast 🧡


My yoga summer series videos!

Stay cool in the pool or wherever with this collection of practices

yoga summer series videos dionne