Playlist: Languages through Music + free course! 🌍

languages through music

 Bom dia! Do you know i've been learning Portuguese? I KNOW, right? A dream! And it's all thanks to Desta, who is queen of languages and Languages through Music, a brilliant project that (as you might imagine) explores language learning through the medium of music! 

Such a great idea and also very joyful and super satisfying to be able to not only sing along with TUNES, but to explore their meaning whilst getting a class of linguistic and cultural exploration!

And so speaking of TUNES, Desta asked me to send her my top three fave (non English language) songs ..........and because you know i'm EXTRA i had to make a playlist of around 5 hours of songs featuring so many faves.
Sorry about that.
Not sorry. Cause you can get to enjoy them! Right below! Direct link here to the Spotify playlist. Hope you dig but don't forget to tell me YOUR fave songs below, cause sharing is caring!

And that's not all loves, Desta has been so so generous in offering you, dear reader, a free session of her Udemy courses or WhatsApp Wednesday courses too! (French, Portuguese, Spanish....) Just send her a message on the Languages through Music Facebook page and she will hook you up! 

Here's an introduction to the project with the lovely Desta herself πŸ’œ
You can also find Languages through Music on Instagram (includes great memes too!)