Oh so you’re a “coach” now?


Oh so you’re a “coach” now? What does that even mean?
Who do you think you are taking up space like that?!
Everybody’s a bloody coach these days!

...Just some inner and outer critic monologues to pepper the day!
I rolled my eyes at myself too when i decided to publicly announce i was coaching after working 1-1 with people privately for years.
Sidenote: I have never “publicly announced it”, more gently mumbled it in a Digest once before running away. Then i put it on my website and spent days trying to convey how i work with people in a long winded “coaching page” that makes me feel a bit clogged up.

Why? Cause just like all projects i create, like yoga adventures or music events or whatever, i struggle to “big things up”. I’m not into sales pitches AT ALL (and realise that isn’t helpful cause how to tell people who actually want to come to things that i’m doing things that they might want to come to…) I clam up when it comes to sharing a blog post let alone publicise my offerings.

Why? I don’t know...working class guilt? Shame at the audacity of making my own path in the world? Perhaps it’s a mix. Also, a big part of me that knows my clients and customers have always found me by word of mouth. I have been so lucky that they have spread the word and shared what i do with their friends, and things have grown very much organically (don’t you just cringe at the phrase “organically”?) because people have just chosen to show up, to sign up and to trust in what i’m offering.

(The next statement might piss you off…)
Cause what happened once i made space to “decide” i would create coaching packages, it made it easier for people to actually receive my support! It’s so basic, right, but has been a big a-ha moment for me...

...i segued into a little moment of Morten there but i’m back now…(stay on these roads)

Really though, i hope this helps someone: putting yourself and your offerings out there (even if you simply declare it with intention) means you enable other people to find something that they might have been looking for! You can help them solve their problem! So why hide it, when it can benefit another human, huh?

What is it Marie Forleo says, when you withhold what you do, you are depriving the world of your service, which is a travesty, right? That was kind of paraphrased from a vague memory circa 2013 or so….

So by putting my (albeit waffley) offerings out into the world made my coaching offerings official. Even though i whisper so quietly that i coach people. And thanks to word of mouth from clients, it meant i haven’t had to work to “spin” things (thankfully). Clients have come to me because they have heard of the results from others. And I much prefer people to just show up and have an experience, be it with coaching or a yoga workshop or other event. I know that is perhaps very naive of me, but i also hope that it speaks of the quality of people that choose to work with me and the integrity of my work.

I feel so very lucky to do what i do and know there’s gallons more projects i’ve already made and want to share publicly if i get over being shy to share them. I know
1) being clear on how i want to show up for others in the world has driven me for 8 years so far on this path, creating my own businesses and being independent and free to create the things i want to create, and
2) also that i’m very very lucky but most of all, that i know if i can do it, others can too. And hence why Coaching has become an integral part of how i love to spend my time these days.

I love sitting down with people and watching them design a life that feels incredible. Delicious(o)
Put dreams into action.
Making stuff real that initially felt so far away and inaccessible that hopes were hung up and left for months...years...decades even!
I’ve watched my clients grow in confidence and their bank accounts in pounds, kroner and dollars. I know, this isn’t about money, but making those dreams financially stable helps!
I adore my work can support people in all kinds of ways, from starting their own businesses, to mapping out and making real a personal wellness journey that transforms the way they live. And everything in between.
I know my own path has been faaaaar from linear. And that has been purposeful - cause there’s no mistakes and it’s never too late to try something new

And as i sat with a client today, seeing them go from stuck and overwhelmed and ready to surrender a dream they had for years to being body-popping excited with a clear plan in hand and action already taken to make it real, i got a bit overwhelmed with emo feels. Realising this is exactly where i want to be.

This is my purpose. That there has been no mistake in that very long road with seemingly endless amounts of detours! (HERE’s more details on some of those by the way!) Even all those memes and gifs have come in handy! Heheh. Perhaps not the sequin bolero though…. (you’ll need to check that link above for more deets on that).

So. This feels a bit like an emo post (you know how i roll) cause now i’m weeping as i type to you but i hope you take something away from the following points:

I want you to know

  1. There is no mistake that you are here right now, at this phase of your life. Everything has led you to this point and your options are limitless.

  2. You get to decide and create how you move forwards. You are the driver/ pilot / 90s r&b choreographer / artist

  3. Life is weird. But so are we, right? I mean, am i alone? We’re all a bit weird. In the best ways. Let yourself get weird as you want to be and embrace your unique and exquisite self. Because there is no one like you. With your ideas, your view of the world, your exact experiences or your ways of doing things. That’s a beautiful thing.

  4. You don’t need anyone to tell you what to do or how to live your life. You are your own best teacher. But don’t be afraid to lean into support if you need it, be it from a friend or a therapist or a coach or an episode of Queer Eye.

  5. When you get clear on your purpose and intentional with what you create (basically when you DECIDE, darling), everything aligns. I promise you.

So. I guess in marketing this is where i should put some kind of pitch...

fancy a free coaching call with me?

...But i’m not sure how to write one so instead, i want to offer you a chance to explore coaching with me 1-1 with a free consultation call. No strings, no hard sales, just a conversation where you can pick my brains and i can hear more about what’s keeping you stuck, and explore ways you can move forwards. Sound good?

As i’m traveling to Norway soon, i’m limiting the number of spaces, so if you’re interested and feel the soul stirring gut wailing of “yes please”, book yourself in by contacting me HERE.

Want to read more about my coaching programmes? Find all the details plus Q+A HERE!

Really hope it’s useful.

And for those who don’t hear the soul stirring gut wailing of “yes please” but you’re out there doing your thing, know i am egging you on with copious whoops! ...i’m egging you all on cause you know what? Life is also hard. We need more encouragement and celebration of each other doing the best we can on this road.

So drop me a mail anytime for free props. I’ve got a gigantic stash of props to hand out….not yoga props, i mean “cheers of due respect!” for you!

I love you.


Ps i’m doing some renovation over on the blog to try to make my free resources, tips and love notes easier for you to access and dive into. What do you think so far? Hate it? Think it’s ok? Anything you want to see over there? Hit me up with your requests! x