We all have off days...

This piece was originally published in my weekly Digest in October 2016

cat stuck in pipe

Days when the to do list doesn’t get done (or even partly done)
Where the best intentions are made
Yet overwhelm creeps in and instead only netflix and some crappy chocolate will do.

Those days where we think about doing something
Yet it doesn’t quite happen.

On those days, i remind myself and others to tread gently.

I let myself crawl into bed early, probably after a soak in the tub or indulge in a mindful shower process to get me out of my head and into my body moment by moment.

And if that feels too much, into daydreams about kittens and treacle pudding with custard (not together).

I remind myself that we can’t always be everything to everyone at all times.

And that’s ok.

to do list


Sometimes, pyjamas and blankets are the best way forward.

Just like in our yoga practice - to be fired up and full on spicy meatball every time isn’t sustainable.

We also need the quiet. The slow. The gentle.

Learning how to be more compassionate with ourselves is a practice, and sometimes, that can feel like work! To many of us, self care doesn’t come easy.

So surrender to the resistance, sit with it a while, realise that it too will pass.

Remind yourself that you can create ways to soften the tension where you can. Backing off from what you need to and leaving more room to breathe. Again, just like in a yoga practice - you can back off from a posture or simply choose to have a kip in class. Sidenote: if someone tells you not to nap in class, ignore them and/or find somewhere you can!

You can create more ease. You are deserving of it too.

-Yes, even if you’re in your 9-5 with deadlines coming out of your earholes and every other orifice.

-Even if you're supposed to get back to this or that person because otherwise you’ll feel bad.

-Even if it means you’re going to “let someone down”. You can soften it a little. Being realistic about where you’re at is crucial. We’re prone in this culture, to push and overreach. To pack in the meetings and to do’s beyond our capacity.

And you know what? It tends to leave us feeling deflated and exhausted.

So, soften.


Create more ease.

Nothing is worth compromising your health and wellbeing for, babes. Of course, there are times in life where we have that thing we’re striving to reach for, and sure, we might find some intense periods that arrive without giving us much room. And it's in those times we need to be the best friend to ourselves that we can.

Reaching out to get help if you need it is part of doing that. Professional, if friends or family are not available, because there’s no shame in that.

Treat yourself like you would a good friend.

What would you say?

What helps you to thrive?

Check in right now.

What does taking care of yourself look like?

Scheduling reminders on your phone?

Messages that are kind and real like “you’re the bee’s knees”?

Or, “Well done for doing the best you can with what you have”?

Find your own outlet that reminds you to be present.

You can find some related links to blog posts about self care here (amongst other things i hope will inspire you) plus some comforting musical treats via my "all things must pass" playlist.

Treat yourself with maximum respect and compassion.

Talk to yourself nicely.

You are important. 

With warmth,

dionne x

PS Fancy a practice with me? Nothing hectic, just a roll around on the floor to feel better for a few minutes. Yes? Let´s do that!