10 minute yoga for side body + chill!

Dionne Yoga Side body chill.jpeg

Are you a banana? I'm a banana! Yes! Let´s be bananas together!

This practice is for my friends who struggle a little with balance, or who want to take balance to a different dimension...A bit like the Prodigy. But less 90s rave, more chill. Sound good?

You will need: some floor space, possibly a blanket and possibly some pillow.

We're exploring some standing poses on our side - of course we are! Lots of options to do what you feel, babes. Spicy meatballs optional. Visits to Wobble City welcome!

Great practice for focus and grounding if that's your physiological vibe.

Let me know how it goes eh?

Thanks for practicing with me! And do get in touch if you have any requests!

dionne x

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