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Sade + cat, being a complete mood i'd like to embody forever-ever

Sade + cat, being a complete mood i'd like to embody forever-ever

What's your vibe, babes?

I hope your week is going well and is full of flow and ease. If not, trust in the process. If it's possible, let yourself feel your feelings. Here's some recent thoughts from my recent fug which i hope supports you with a haze of goodness.

This weekend i'm mostly writing from my "bed office" (the place i reside when i want to coat my work with a coating of chill) which is my happy place (just a cat/dog/pig/sheep that's missing tbh, then it's literally the dream...)

I've been so relieved to plunge myself into a meaty creative project this week and i'm so excited to share with you soon, once the babe is suitably baked and forms a crusty exterior. It's one that's been brewing for years but hasn't become clear until Friday when i had an epiphany. Don't you love it when that happens?! Now I feel like i'm watching a film backwards and noticing all the little signs that have lead me here... *sigh* oh hindsight...grateful for it though. Because i realise i needed all of those difficult learning moments and all that processing to lead me to this realisation.

Anyway, i'm sharing this here because this follows a period where things felt so dark and worrying for a time. I was concerned i wouldn't get back to this place of fizzy flow, you know, the feeling that feels like a magical moment of pizzaz, soundtracked by an earnest Chicago slow jam or something...I digress. My point: trust. in the process. and most of all yourself. The light will return.

i love you.

And here's some links i've been collecting for your insides. 

Remembering Grenfell 💚

This hero

I’m Getting More Socially Awkward Every Year, Can I Blame the Internet?

“Maybe, like me, you are the perfect pleaser and performer, and now all of that perfection and rule following is suffocating. Or maybe you work hard to keep people at a safe distance and now the distance has turned into intolerable loneliness. There are also the folks who grew up taking care of everyone else because they had no choice. Their death is having to let go of the caretaking, and their rebirth is learning how to take care of themselves (and work through the pushback that always comes with setting new boundaries).

Whatever the issue, it seems as if we spend the first half of our lives shutting down feelings to stop the hurt, and the second half trying to open everything back up to heal the hurt.”

Brene Brown on the midlife unravelling

In honour of it being summer time and hot as hell, it’s time to bring this gem back (warning: copious amounts of swearing)

True tales of Sex and the City

The bizarre and fascinating SloMusic movement (a playlist)

How to get your mum to stop smoking!

Wonder and delight

Here’s what two years of growth and movement look like

Err, Supermassive black hole seen eating star for the first time  is WILD! 

Amazing hound doggo - such a good boy!

Cue Incredible human moment (featuring my fave MJ song ✨👟✨)

OBVIOUSLY the raccoon, no? 

and finally, got 10 minutes? Come hang with me!


Was that sumptuous? Tell me what you feel! 

With the deepest respek on your name,

dionne x

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