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Inspiration Station✨

Afua Hirsch, Keanu (+ puppes), what therapy is like for queer people of colour, Timbaland + Pharrell gassing each other up, encouragement to go for your dreams, words on womxn’s bodies, Stormzy on: confidence, a vibey playlist, a film quiz, and the most unsafe looking sh✨t i’ve ever seen!

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People i dig: Empress Eartha inspiration

Most of you know Eartha Kitt is one of my beloved muses. She inspires me continuously, and whenever i need to press the reset button, or remind myself of my mission on the planet, i take a time out to immerse myself in clips, gifs and words from her (amongst others). A filling up of one's cup, if you will. And i thought that as she offers me so much inspiration, that she might do the same for you too! So here's a selection of cutlets to enjoy. 

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Inspiration station: July Faves! ✨Healing✨

This month i'm sharing nuggets from the internet that inspire healing. I hope that this collection offers inspo for introspection, more self care, more self love and space for you to take what you need. 

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