People i dig: Empress Eartha inspiration

Most of you know Eartha Kitt is one of my beloved muses. She inspires me continuously, and whenever i need to press the reset button, or remind myself of my mission on the planet, i take a time out to immerse myself in clips, gifs and words from her (amongst others). A filling up of one's cup, if you will. And i thought that as she offers me so much inspiration, that she might do the same for you too! So here's a selection of cutlets to enjoy. 

Who's your muse and why? I'd love to know!

Much love always,



The clip that made me fall in love

I mean, it speaks for itself. Serving joy. Sass. Realness. 

Gives me ultimate life. 

eartha kitt i feel for you podcast

Eartha inspires my alter ego Ethel too! I made a whole podcast about it! You can listen below or anywhere you get your podcasts. Here's a direct link to the shownotes too (cause that's where the magic -and extra gifts- life!

Strength in vulnerability

Eartha is never afraid to go in. She has integrity with her opinions and i respect her so much for that. Also, she isn't afraid of vulnerability. The soft, tender parts. 

I especially love her moment offering wine and kindness to someone working next to her. I know we would have been great friends! 


A life well lived

What a woman. Spectacular growl moments. This was one of the last interviews with her and the performance at the end makes me weep every time. 


Style icon

eartha and her gowns

Effortless and extra, my fave combination!

So many moments i created a pinterest board of faves!



Musical moments!

Many of you know i’m a fan of a music video. The more over the top, the better. Add glitter and movement and you’ve got me. Here’s some of my faves from Eartha!


Queen of my heart! 

Love you Eartha! Thank you for leading the way!

For more on Eartha, head to my igStories “books📚” for some tips on related reads!

eartha kitt queen