Playful Energising Yoga Video for Spring!

spring yoga dionne

Get some SPRING in your step! (lolz, sos!) 

Afraid I don't have a car for you, (see this link for the iconic inspo for this vid ... ) but i DO have a celebratory springtime practice for you!

Let's get lifted!

And a bit bananas!

Sidenote: If it's not springtime where you are, perhaps some "improv moments"

In celebration of the season where we hopefully have more energy, we get playful in our practice and use balances to plant seeds and welcome in transition. If you're not feeling so energetic these days, hope this practice will be uplifting and inspire you to be ok with the fluctuations in energy that we have which is completely normal.

Whatever place you're starting on, let's explore how we can play with rooting down to rise up - just like the flowers!

It’s a 2nd + 3rd chakra focus for those of you into the energetic side of things - charging up your centre and place of power (3rd) and being in flow with the pleasure principle (2nd).

Hopefully we can play and explore our centre of gravity as we balance, and take that exploration out into the real world in our real lives as we go on with our business.

The challenge? To respectfully take time to balance and respond to our own fluctuations of energy.

Sidenote: you don't have to “do it all” or be “out there” all the time, the same way you don't need to be stagnant or dimming your's all about finding your own balance baby!

Of course, all my classes are open for all, however this one has a slightly more energetic vibe (obvs), but you choose your own seasoning, know what i mean? 🌶

You will need: a block/ cushion

Reeeally hope you enjoy this one! Let me know below!

Love always, dionne