Playlist: Soup for One 🍵

Singer-songwriter Carly Simon in 1971. (AP:David F. Smith).jpg

I know, i know, a feed is overdue 🎶🍽. So how about some melodic soup for the soul? Need to rinse that winter residue? Sweep the layers of crust away? Revive chilly organs? I’ve got you!

Come vibe with me with these very danceable (even if i say so myself) very free-feeling selections. Take as regularly as you need for a healing musical tonic.

Expect fave movement hits from Carly Simon, Earth Wind & Fire, Rxlls, Ashford & Simpson, Chaka Khan and N.E.R.D, plus some wistful dreamy nostalgia from Tevin Campbell, Coldplay (!) and Patti LaBelle (“PAAAATIIIII!”)

What’s on your turntables? Let me know below!

Feel better,

love Dionne x

carly simon jaunty
dionne elizabeth