You Can Always Begin Again (And Again, And Again) - video + manifesto

This post was initially published in January 2016. The same feels true for me, so hope it helps you too!


Welcome 2017! ...It really feels like new year now. I wasn´t ready on December 31st. Nor January 1st. Despite all the articles and news stories about quitting a habit or job or starting a health kick in January or planning your holidays etc. But it´s all good, you don´t have to be on the same schedule or route as everybody else. Think it´s worth us all reminding ourselves we can always begin again and again. Especially if it´s change that you crave. Especially if it feels like it´s too late to do anything about it. It´s never too late.

So with that, here´s a link to something i wrote about beginnings:

 Starting over again and again. It´s never really starting over though is it? It´s part of a bigger process: we are learning and developing all the time. So appreciate where you are right now. Even if you´re feeling the new year pressure (perhaps you could read this for reassurance  - new year new me)

Go with your own flow.
You´re not too late.
Or past it.
Begin whenever you are ready.
You are important.
And worthy of the life that you dream of.
No matter how distant something feels.
You´re capable of designing your life and implementing the things that help you feel more present, more excited, more at home and connected as you like. 
Remember, you deserve all the good things.

If you´re struggling with all of that, i made a gentle and relaxing practice just for you that explores this idea of taking the pressure off and letting yourself begin again (and again!) -as many times as you need. It´s a pretty mellow soothing practice and a perfect tonic if you´re feeling the new year pressure, plus there´s a centring meditation too. I hope it helps you feel relaxed and perhaps a little clearer.

What you´ll need: a little bit of space to roll around in and a blanket/scarf/something soft to lay on. Happy new year. Happy new week. Happy new day and new hour. Here´s to beginning again as many times as we like and embracing (and hopefully enjoying) the moments along the way.

(I´m heading over to Pinterest now to do some more visionboarding!) Have you explored designing or visioning the next phase of your life? Let me know! I always love to hear from you.

Love always! Dionne x