Beginnings - a letter from you to me

Beginnings. Not always the easiest thing. From new years to new jobs. Relationships. New personal goals (resolutions if you will!). New habits. A new way of life. Perhaps it's starting a new wellness routine. A self care goal. Establishing a new way of being. Behaving.  

For all of it, we have to start somewhere.

With beginnings comes a kind of freshness. Opportunity and a wiping of the slate. There has always been a sense of freedom with that.

I've always liked the idea of starting again. When returning to school in Septembers past, the ritual of going to WH Smith to covet and smell the erasers was one of my favourites …just me?!


However, despite my enthusiasm for beginnings and Staedtler erasers (not sponsored!), i’m also kept by nostalgia and a prisoner of memory. Thus, the idea of flinging off and dusting away what was, to make room for newness makes me want to cling tight with fear in some ways – a reluctance to feel liberated.

In these moments when confronted by doubt, I’d really like to share a couple of points that i’ve touched on in community yoga sessions which I remind myself of, anytime I get a little doubtful or intimidated by beginnings:


The importance of ALWAYS being able to start again. Give yourself permission to define your own beginnings and consider that every moment carries possibility to be new.



Approach whatever it is you're beginning in a way that is sustainable e.g. if you're attempting a meditation practice, it's better to try one minute a day on the regular than an hour in the year.


Actually, who am I kidding. Do what you can, with what you have. But if you're looking to integrate a new habit into your life, you're more likely to keep up the frequency by taking it slow and steady and in bite sized bits.


Which leads me to:



Most importantly, if you’re starting out with something, allow yourself to be a beginner! There's no rush! Be open to the possibility of not knowing! Embrace it, don't fight it! Ask questions and take the opportunity to learn something new.



If you find you’ve “fallen off the wagon” and faced a setback, it's ok, don't lose heart. Make ALL the mistakes. Welcome the learning. And unlearning!



Start somewhere. However small. The sooner you begin, the closer you'll be to your goal. Speaking of goals, appreciate the milestones along the way, however small the victories may be! Your beginning is up to you. It can be whatever you want it to be.


Essentially, beginnings can teach us the fundamentals about what it is to be human, and present. Presence: love will be right here. Will be right here. No fear. Have no fear. …No tears. Love is here – innit?. A moment I think, for SWV's sensational jodhpurs and anthemic reassurance:


This month, let us celebrate the good stuff, the vulnerable stuff, the guts and the glory. Stories from the heart and beyond. Poetry. Music. Photography. Film.

And a movement practice video, for those of you who want to roll around on the floor with me!


Oh - and to get you inspired, here's a playlist for your journey. It's called Beginnings (of course!) 

Love you x