Who Are We Really? Beyond the Labels.

beyond the labels, dionne.space
Despite everything, noone can dictate who you are to other people
— Prince

How are you feeling in this moment?
What has brought you here?
What sensations do you feel right now?
Physically? Mentally? Emotionally? Spiritually?
How´s your energy? Your state?

Can we explore where we´re at - Feelings, if you will-
with compassion, openness and without judgement?

I´m interested in who we are. Identity.
And how we treat ourselves. and others.

Often there tend to be many limiting societal constraints and labels that put us into particular categories and pigeon holes.

Man. Woman.

Norwegian. British.

“Half Caste” (I know…), Other.

Driver. Passenger.

Gay. Straight.

Single. Divorced.

Expat. Immigrant.


They might tell us something about our status.

Student. Worker. Unemployed.

Good. Bad.


Put us into subject areas

Cleaner. Activist. Father.


Levels of “success”

Ashtanga 2nd series. Beginner.

Winner. Loser.





Political affinity.

And so on.

In many cases, these labels can empower some with a sense of clarity and definition, carving an identity of belonging, which can be helpful.
So long as we are creating or aligning with something that starts from ourselves.
As opposed to someone else's – or societal expectations and definitions that allow no room for all the other parts of who you are.

Ticking the boxes.

Although it´s simply a tool, social media often calls for us to define ourselves. To choose categories. Often they are limited and thus, limit our wholeness, hem us in to be smaller than we are and put us in opposition to what we are not. It happens in workplaces too. Schools. Universities. Yoga studios. And many other places.

But what if you didn´t have to fit into someone else's label?
Or compare yourself to someone who is different to you and see that as somehow being in opposition to you?
What if you could simply remember who you are?
And forget what other people have told you about who you are.

What if you could remember yourself and realise your magnificence at any given time, in any state?
At job interviews. On Facebook. When getting exam results. When you´re in a yoga class. When learning to drive. When you´re broke and hungry. When you´re sitting in meditation for the 1st/800th time. When you feel uninspired.

Our place is here.  

Often, societal labels or categories are devised to create clarity or order.
Often a label or category is devised to create clarity or order.

They can make us feel “correct” and “in place”
But perhaps we can remind ourselves that our place is here, right now, and as we are.
Our identity is all that came before. It´s what we are and what we have become, as well as the potential that sits inside us all, for everything we might want to achieve.
Our identities are adaptable. Mutable. But always constant and whole.

Sometimes we find ourselves forgetting that: our wholeness.
But we can always bring ourselves back to that place.
Remembering who we are.

So as you go back into your world from reading this post, I really hope you can reacquaint yourself with yourself again and again enjoy and marvel over every facet of who you are right now. Appreciating and acknowledging each experience that has brought you to this place. Celebrating the excellent ones. Recognising you have survived the difficult and painful ones. 
Talking to your ancestors. Connecting with them and marvelling. (I´m doing that a lot lately…)


Explore presence. 

You are here right now.
Your identity is beyond superficial.
And transcends limiting societal labels.
It´s expansive and not limited.
It´s your life force, your spirit, your essence, your magic, your presence (insert whatever word defines it best for you).
It´s your unique expression
Your message to the world.
And it´s a wonderful thing.
So tap into that however you can.
Let your life and each moment be an authentic expression of your truth.
Your message to the world.

dionne x


art by Oliver Jeffers