Stop the glorification of busy, please!

stop the glorification of busy
“...easy for you to say!”

Actually, no, it isn't.

I find it really hard not to always be working. Do you relate?

I rarely take days off and don't remember my last holiday. I know some of you roll your eyes at this "busy busy" mentality and how BORING this sounds (it's BORING to admit it too and I'm eyerolling with the best of them...)

I guess theres a lot of misconceptions about certain jobs and lifestyles which really is a whole other topic (in short, every job is at times a job, even the ones that you love!).

And I really flipping LOVE and enjoy what i do and am grateful every (damn) day for it, despite the sacrifices and hardships that it took/takes. Perhaps that's why I give it my all. Trying not to sound like a wanker for writing that, but it's the truth. 🙊

We don't know what might be going on with other people and their worlds. What they might be struggling with or facing day to day.

Between us, there are countless inspiring stories from people on their paths doing their thing- the excruciatingly rocky roads and challenges that it took to get there- to remain there.

Many of us are sucked into a "more is more" mentality, making ourselves ill with long hours, never ending to do lists and punishing ourselves for never getting things done.

Do you feel me?

The point is, it's not a competition. We could always be "busy" doing something - right?

But i feel we need to adjust this "busy busy" mantra and adapt it into something more sustainable. For all our sakes!

No amount of Sooty and Sweep magic is going to reset the balance.

So, i've been making some adjustments to readjust the gospel of busy in my world and adding some new (love) thangs::::::

Experimenting with giving space to each piece of work however big or small.

Learning to step back from the busy to become more productive.

To worry less about doing things to (only) please others no matter the cost or compromise, and to instead ensure I'm moving from a place that's authentic and centred.

To try to make more space for loved ones. Family. Friends.

To make time in the day to dance in the bathroom - yeah you heard correct- sometimes, my friend, you just have to turn that bathroom into a club and wallop those (dance) moves out of your system.(not an euphemism..or is it?) 🚽

To not "work and eat" simultaneously (I know there's some of you out there ((👀)))

To do those things every day that make me happy to be alive (yoga, music, writing and hopefully some kind of animal friend) 🐶🐱🐷🐑

To wake up and make it to my mat before my phone makes it to my hand (this one is hard, I'm not going to lie!) 📲

And to occasionally, hit the flipping beach (albeit working, but with massive perks, win-win!) 🏊


I'm sharing what I'm learning- slowly(!) Any tips welcomed on this ever adjusting journey of life balance wizardry! ✨

Plonk down your ideas on what you can do in your day to be less "busy" and more productive LIVING!

N.B. drinking tea is ALWAYS productive. As is meeting friendly hounds like Milly.

I bid you sweet spaciousness in your workieplay adventures

dionne x