Almond butter!

Almond butter is one of those things that we always have in the fridge. Great in smoothies, on a slice of bread or as an emergency top-up straight from the jar. The best thing about making your own almond butter is that it's cheaper than buying it, it smells great and there's only one ingredient!

For some reason I always thought that almond butter had added oils to it, and some recipes do, but the amazing thing is that if you mix almonds long enough they release their own oil (!). 

First step is to pour out a batch of almonds on baking paper and heat up the oven to 175 degrees celsius. Pop it in and leave for around 15 minutes >

how to make almond butter

Step 2: put the almonds in your mixer for around 5 minutes until you have your desired consistency > 

How to make almond butter at home

This is how it looks around half way > 

almond butter recipe

When your almonds have released their oils and the consistency gets runny enough you can pour the butter into a suitable jar and place in the fridge to keep for at least 1 week.

That's it! Enjoy. 

Almond butter recipe