15 Minute Yoga for Tech Neck

Sitting at a desk for long periods of time? Hunched over typing on a computer or phone all day long? Neck tension got you down? Or are you looking for a little tune up to maintain your upper body?

These days, with so much time spent at computers or on phones, it´s not uncommon for us to hold this kind of stance for long periods of time and this "tech neck" posture tends to carry other subconscious tension to other parts of the body, for example, the jaw, hips and hands. 

As the head tends to lean forward, shoulders round and the chest collapses, and this makes breathing in the most supportive way difficult, and can subsequently affect the way we feel (cause breath is life!). So let´s see if we can open up some space to feel better, faster, particular in the area around the shoulders, neck and upper back. 

Begin with one of my fave tension dissolving massages, then add some gentle movement- rounding, arching, twisting, circling. We´ll explore shoulder mobility and some postures adding motion in different directions with attention to sensation and other parts of the body so we can sneak in some space to feel better.

Really hope this relieves tension and offers you some good feelings not just in your neck but all over cause - it´s all connected!

Take care of you! 

love, dionne x x