Unwind and Realign with Twists

Feel the need to unwind and get back to your centre?
Take a break in your day to reconnect, realign and reenergise with some twists!
Twists are great for shifting stagnant energy and reconnecting to our centre - especially for those who feel pulled in all kinds of directions.
So let´s unravel and rinse out tension, tightness and rigidity with this practice. 

Expect: twisting explorations! We start with a cheeky core warmup with attention to our centre, then gently build towards a twisting and turning flow. We will give some love to our hips, hamstrings, shoulders and side body, and as always, there´s options throughout for you to choose your seasoning, depending on your energy levels and mood! We´ll close with a short meditation. 

Prop wise, have some kind of strap/belt/scarf handy for later on. 

Really hope you enjoy this one and that it helps to remind you of your amazing. You can always find your way back to centre, so well done for making this time for yourself to reset your focus.

Take care of you.

dionne x