Yoga Block Party!

There´s often a lot of pressure to have stuff done already! This is a practice in slowing down, finding space, and learning how to be supported (shout out to those who find that last one difficult! I´ve got you!)

We can all use a bit of assistance now and then, so let´s practice how we can tap into the support that´s around us, all of the time.

Expect a bit of flow and some weird experiments with our props to hopefully find sweet spots and space that we might not have noticed were available before.

No pressure to feel though, have your own adventure!

You will need: a yoga block or yoga block substitute like a book/s. pillow/s, blanket/s. Anything you can lean on me. Resisting bursting into song--------!

As well as using the prop support, we´ll also see how we can explore supporting ourselves using some core, an imaginary beach ball and some floor-foot acquaintance, softening unnecessary tension where possible, so we can practice being supported anywhere we are and whatever we are doing out there in the world.

We close the practice with savasana - resting pose - and a guided relaxation practice.

Take what you need here, be it spicy meatballs or a mild korma. As always, listen to your body, your energy levels and your inner guts as you go. Try to avoid pushing or forcing and lean in. Treat yourself nicely and let me know how you go!

Stay magnificent friends and really hope you enjoy! 

Dionne x