monday cat 1
monday cat

For many, the cause of dread and drudgery, especially if the weather reflects that. It used to be my least fave day of the week. Like so many. But i really enjoy the feeling of newness. Of opportunity and potential. A chance to start again. I’m a fan of that.

You might already know that though.

I like to write about beginnings a lot too. Perhaps it’s because i feel like i’ve started again so many times in my life. Whether through my own choice, or no choice at all. It plunges me into the deepest discomfort, yet i realise it became something i was seeking out or waiting for, because it was so familiar. Starting a new school. Moving cities, countries, continents. Starting a new job. New careers. New businesses. And so on. I guess i had a bit of an addiction to change in ways. Rebirth.

But it was never comfortable, that’s for sure. Sure there’s something there that says more about my nature of craving the familiarity of discomfort which is making me think about a book that Jen Carrington recommended called Supernormal: The Untold Story of Adversity and Resilience - which is brilliant and painful and very accurate. I’ve been listening to it on Audible (you can get a free trial there if you are new to the app and if you’re not, what are your recommendations?!)


The reason i’m talking about starting again is because it’s so easy to get caught up or feel stuck. Mondays tend to get a bad rep because we forget that we have the capacity to undo that stickyness. My advice is to literally carve out time, To create a punctuation point. To interrupt the discourse that makes us feel trapped or stuck and tune into the potential that exists in all of us. The power to create something new - be it attitude, approach to a problem or challenge, or perspective.

My fave way to do this is via a bathroom disco. Creating a shift to tune into something bigger than me. Music has that effect on me. But whatever way that works for you is the point. Writing. Sitting outside for 5 minutes. Going for a cup of tea. Doing something luxurious. Treat yo-self. 

Creating change reminds us that we are never stuck. And maybe we might start to start our weeks as we mean to go on.

So what's on your agenda as you start the week? How do you make Mondays better?