Thank you

surround yourself with people who get it

This one’s for all of you who have supported me over the years, whether you've let me into your inbox over the last 8 years or since last week -

For those who have ever practiced yoga, movement, rolling around on the floor with weird props, meditation and being human with me in a community class or workshop or conference or retreat, be it in an ancient hall, a museum, an art gallery, the oldest kindergarten in Norway, a yoga studio, a village hall, a library, a gym, a study, a theatre, an office, a doorway, at Grieg’s house Troldhaugen and other composers homes (!), a conference centre, a fro-yo warehouse, a chicken shop, a co-working space, outside on the grass, outside on the gravel, on a random remote island in the countryside, in cities, villages and towns be they in the UK, Norway or beyond, on kitchen floors or with me in your living room, via a wireless internet connection to YouTube (i’m so humbled to get notifications from you sharing your practice fyi) -

To those who have listened via a speaker to my podcasts or radio shows or at a talk i’ve shared, who have danced at gigs with me (be they silent or noisy!) -

To those who have ever read and connected with a blog post or a social media post or email -

To those of you who have worked one to one with me over the years all over the world, and for those who are exploring creative coaching with me right now -


Thank you.

I’m so grateful to be a tiny part of your journey here on this planet.

I’m so very grateful for you and never take that for granted.

Thank you for giving me space to evolve, to refine my focus, to hold space for you, and to have this connection.

Thank you for getting it.

For being a part of it.

And for being open to it becoming what it is.


Serving my community, dismantling barriers and building authentic connection is so important to me. And sharing access to creative accessible tools to help us explore ways to feel good or better and take care of ourselves is at the heart of everything i do.

It doesn’t need to be glossy or fancy. It doesn’t matter where we go to do it, what we wear or how we look. Our self care and feel good shouldn’t be reliant upon whether we have cash or not, i know you know my feels on accessibility to this “wellness” stuff in particular...

We all deserve to have access. And in this corner of the internet, everybody is welcome.

I hope if you take one thing away (ok, it’s hard to limit it to just one so let’s call it a “vibe”) from any of the things i do, it’s that you are deserving of creating a life that feels good. That you can feel better.
You don’t need a teacher to tell you what to do or what's right, or god forbid, "tell you off!!. There is no wrong way, as long as it feels good to you.
Do you.
I hope you can always feel the courage to tap into that wondrous sauce you contain. I’m just out here trying to remind you of that.

Phew. That’s a lot of feels. :)

So thanks again. For inspiring me to keep going over the years. For your encouragement. For showing up. For being a part of this. And for keeping it real.

And as you are my "inner circle peeps" i thought i’d round up with a little summary (and hopefully, clarity) of what i'm doing and how you can access resources plus (of course) some funfacts!

image by Emma Croman

A re-introduction on what it is i’m doing right now!

  • I’m a creative coach, writer, yoga + movement + meditation teacher, writer and dj based between the UK and Norway (and beyond!) where i run events irl and online like retreats and workshops and courses and community classes, as well as working one to one with amazing humans and organisations.
  • I’m interested in supporting people to feel empowered to create the kind of sumptuous life of their dreams. To feel good. And to enjoy the process and explorations. I’m also very passionate about creativity, self care and feeling your feels which runs through every part of my work.
  • You can listen to my podcast over here, my radio show over here and read my blog this way - cause secretly, but not so secretly, i’m challenging myself to update it most days because i miss the old days of blogging, think Myspace before 2005 and creating a little planet of things to inspire and encourage feel good and being well! You can also access a heap of free yoga + movement + meditation videos i made for you over here! Oh and you can see some of my past projects here.
  • In the Digest, you can expect to hear stories and pep talks and personal updates plus a roundup of inspo that i hope will be useful. I also announce all my events there first (so you get first dibs and “special-special” offers). 
  • I share musings, encouragement, productivity tools, creative resources and real talk related to life, work stuff, accessible wellness and self care for you to adapt and implement, plus a lot of encouragement for you to "do you" always with as much feel good pizzaz and (optional) seasoning as possible.
  • I love Prince (understatement!), animal friends, Eartha Kitt, baths, books, information, colours, 70s clothes, 90s rnb, connecting with good people on the ‘gram and memes. But you already knew that, huh?

Ok enough already! But really appreciate you being here and in for the ride!

Thank you for making it all the way here! Always whooping you on with love,

Dionne x

PS here’s the level of mood i feel about you being around:

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