Why i take self care so seriously.

This piece was originally published in my weekly Digest in May 2017


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I hope you´re all taking care of yourselves.
Was a little under the weather earlier in the week. A combination of staying up all night watching news timelines and pushing myself a little too hard to complete a project. I watched myself get frustrated for feeling physically different, drained, sad, and low on energy, which therefore meant i couldn´t work in the way i was used to or wanted to.
I observed the tension of trying to push past the fatigue yet meeting physical resistance - my body was giving clear signals: “it´s a no from me, babes” and it was interesting.

“How can someone like you, who constantly promotes the importance of self care, get sick?!”

Well, i´m human, and my passion for supporting other people to take care of themselves in ways that feel good comes from understanding what it´s like to find it challenging to put yourself first.

I´ve been there.

  • I allowed unhelpful voices interrupt opportunities to be kind to myself.
  • Avoided taking a step back and -perish the thought- time to restore.
  • I´ve met burnout. Too many times. And we´ve had a less than idylic relationship over the years.
  • I´ve pushed way too far without decompressing.
  • Put strain on my adrenals as i ran rudely too far past empty.
  • Been rewarded with adrenal fatigue.
  • Been indignant at the audacity of adrenal fatigue ruining my work ethic.
  • Been forced to step way back and review it all. The repetitive patterns.
  • And started from the bottom - i´m sorry but you know i´m singing to you in a Drake voice when i write that - to re-assess everything.


✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨  Everything. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

And you know what i learned through my stubborn ways?

...Actually, i´ll rephrase that cause it sounds a lil´ negative;

Do you know what i learned from living what was the only way of life i knew how to live, doing the best that i could, with the information and experience i had at the time?

> I learned that many of us find it confrontational to even entertain the idea of implementing self care into our lives.

> Many of us are pushing through stuff, because we´ve been taught that our stuff is less important than the things we´re pushing for.

> Many of us aren´t offered space or taught to put ourselves first.

> Or to create our own version of healthy living. -Sidenote: the word “healthy”  makes me eyeroll a lot as it´s often associated with someone else´s idea about what´s good for you rather than your own, know what i mean?

It´s not easy, to change your life when what you´ve learned up till now has been to put everyone elses needs before your own. It´s hard to let yourself rest. To break unhelpful patterns. And frankly, to hear someone say “juuuuuust relaaaaxxxx...” might drive you to make Arthur fists ...
I get it.

I am certainly not here to lecture you. Or to tell you how to live. Or what´s healthy.

But, i am here to remind you of a couple of things:


🔸 Stress and anxiety can really deplete the immune system. If you´re in that state, please take time for self care.

self care dionne

🔹 Hold some space to process your day and to feel your feelings. Reach out for help if you need it.

🔸If you´ve been down or irritable, be extra gentle and compassionate. Feelings are always shifting and changing.

🔹If you´re not under the weather but noticing you´re stressed, it might be a good idea to find a way to use that energy productively. Some movement might be a good idea.

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*...........this GIF is totes a joke btw............*

🔸Either way, take a moment to check in during the day. Notice your energy levels, your physicality, your mood. Listen to what you need - be it more rest, or more productivity, some help from someone, a burger or to talk to an animal or all the above.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

It´s vital to remind ourselves of the importance of prioritising our self care, especially in the hard times. Especially in the dark times. The upsetting moments. And the times we are too busy for it.

Because it can literally change your life.

I know, cause it happened for me. Although every day is a working progress. In learning to be more tender. To prioritise self care and understand that everything comes from me, therefore i have to be and do right for myself first. 
Do you relate?

And do you have any self care rituals that help you feel better?
Love to you all. More resources below.

dionne 💞


dionne yoga self care

For my friends who might have a likkle tickle in your throat: A little addition to the infamous F**king Fine tonic::::

Try adding some cider vinegar mixed with lemon juice, warm water and honey to your rituals-- 😛💦

I know the idea of it is 😝  but it tastes great once you get past the notion of drinking vinegar- lolz.
-Sidenote if you don't already use cider vinegar (or ACV as it´s sometimes called), it's also a great cleaning tool for the house (and clothes!) as well as a great hair rinse (shiny-shiny especially for curly girls!)! Dilute it before using tho babes! And do your own research (always) innit?

Love and abundant wellness to you 💛✨


dionne yoga youtube self care

If you do have stress- it can get logged in the body, so it´s good to check in and see how you´re feeling as a first port of call. If you´re under the weather, really recommend backing off and doing something gentle- rest is the best! If you have a lot of anxious energy, movement might be more beneficial. 
Here´s a playlist of a load of classes i´ve made specifically for managing and easing symptoms of anxiety and/or stress, including a new video that went live this morning especially for anybody who has anxiety, stress and excess energy that´s making them feel a bit ungrounded.
There´s as always a mix of styles and lengths so take what you need, babes!

Hope they´re useful!

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Take care of you.

dionne x

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