Stay centred despite life's distractions

Staying centred despite life's distractions is tough! To be honest, i think it's one of those things we're forever working on. And that's ok. Reminder: no one has it all together all of the time, we're all just bumbling along, best as we can!

stay centred

So this week, I made a yoga practice just for you. The theme is (((presence))), and we explore how to stay close to ourselves, no matter what might be going on. If we can practice that, everything gets a little easier, even if it´s simply breathing more comfortably to support ourselves.

No matter what expectations might be weighing heavy on you, or what demands are in need of your attention, perhaps this week you might entertain the idea of finding an anchor that helps you to centre.

Show up for yourself.

That might be a commitment to a daily yoga practice for example (laying down and resting is totally a yoga practice by the way, as is a custard creme party, you define it by your own terms), or listening to good music that inspires and delights you (here's some of mine in case you fancy some inspo via Vibes Immediately), or implementing the things into your life that help you feel more you.

Perhaps you're not sure what that is. And that's ok too.

You might take some time to explore that, making space to tap into what resonates or what doesn´t.

This is also showing up for yourself.

Daydreaming might be a useful place to begin. You might consider the places that feel good for you, that might be a physical place or an imaginary one. It might be a mood or a taste or an activity or a feeling.

Start with that.

You might write the feelgood thing/s down. Then start to branch out from there. Explore how you can implement that into your everyday life in an accessible way.

For example. Your feelgood might be a holiday of a lifetime.

And you might be skint. I feel you, but don´t lose heart.

Take elements of that bigger feel good and make them accessible everyday.

Perhaps it´s the feeling of rest that you crave.

In that case, find a way to prioritise more sleep in your life right now!

Or it might be a particular cuisine you´re craving on hols.

Can you bring that into your everyday?

A luxury spa? Borrow a friends bath and take some salts along for the party! that weird?´s a little weird but from personal experience i think it´s worth it!

….you are worth it.


Stay close to YOU

Bottom line, in order to stay close to your centre, the practice is to stay close to yourself. Giving yourself space to listen better to what you need. And respond to that craving. And implement everyday feelgood in a way that works for you. Sometimes it´s scary as most of us aren´t taught how to do that. So tread gently and remember you deserve to feel better every day.

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In the times that feel difficult, remember your greatness. And trust in the cycles of stuff.

Trust your body.

Stay connected to yourself.

Listen to what you need.

Take care of the important stuff. (you!)

Go at your own pace.

Be gentle with you.

There´s no calendar or day or time where you´re supposed to be or behave a certain way.

And it´s never too late to show up for yourself.


With love!

dionne x

header illustration by Laurel Pettitt